Ok guys and girls, welcome to my guide to fit a universal type intercooler to your mk5 cupra,Boc ,fr. My car is a facelift mk5 so there maybe some small differences but nothing major.

You need

550x140x65mm intercooler

2x 90* bends with 57mm internal diameter

2x 57mm alloy joiners

4x 60-70 mm hose clips

And it gives you this, the kit built up (will need trimming etc)

Right I found there is quite abit more room for a much taller cooler, not sure why the size I bought was recommend but there is soo much more headroom to go much bigger.


All of the above came to £95 and my 50mm-70mm hose clamp came to £7, you need 4 clamps as you can re use 2 original clamps

So that's the kit and now you need to fit it.

I taped my car up to protect headlights, bumper etc etc and I suggest you do the same (my cars only done 2k miles)

Firstly lift the bonnet, there are Slam panel clips x4


Next there are Wheel arch t25 x4 each side


And then X2 t25 under the bumper each side


Pull bumper outwards from arch working your way towards the light each side and it will reveal 1x t25 inner inner arch screw


From here you can undo the fog light connectors

no picture.

Pull bumper forward and hear it unclip, all fixing screws should be out but don't go too mad just incase you car is different

Undo headlight washer feed if you have them and unbolt pas side washer and feed the water supply through and out the way


Remove bumper


Disconnect outside temp sender from its housing and tuck out the way


Remove headlight 5xt30 each head light remove and unclip wiring (these are really hard) there are 5 bolts make sure you get them all, then remove

Unbolt crash bar 3x 13 and 1x10 each side


Unclip bonnet catch wiring and unclip the loom from slam panel



Unclip air box feed


1xt30 each side front brace/slam panel


Unbolt bonnet latch 2xt30, unclip bonnet catch loom and release cable from slam panel,lift catch out and feel both loom and release cable toward the catch to allow you to pull it up to work on it. Remove bonnet cable from catch and unfeed out of slam panel and put it out the way, re locate bonnet catch.




Rescuer your bonnet, your bonnet stay in attached to your slam panel and we are going be removing it from the car shortly

We are now removing the frame, undo the top 10mm bolts 1 each side and tilt the frame forward, this will detach the condenser and rad from the top part of the frame. Now pull the rad up and push downwards on the frame, this will un locate the locating pin/clips at the bottom and remove frame


Undo hose clips (you can reuse these) and detach from intercooler. To remove the Intercooler on the pas side there is a clip on the front and back that need leavening out and pushing down, the intercooler sides out on the drivers side.



Your need something to prop the rads up.


We are now going to fit the intercooler .

I decided I wanted to fit the intercooler as far away from the rad as possible so I cut the top section of the intercooler cradle away, you will see this allows you to bring the intercooler forward and will show the intercooler more.


Cut this


So it's like this


Next we marked up the cradle and bolted the intercooler to it, I used spacers to lift the intercooler and allow the bottom intercooler fins to get air flow.



Refit the front frame to the car and re locate the rad, make sure everything lives back where it used to and fits correctly then refit the 2x top 10mm bolts and put your bonnet stay back up



Remove the horn 1x13mm bolt so you have room to cut away the intercooler cradle


We now need to cut quite abit away to run the new intercooler pipes

Here is pas side pics



The end connecting to the intercooler needs triming down (trial and error with it)

On the drivers side both ends of the 90 pipe needed trimming and I found reversing the standard intercooler pipe so it look like this makes a neater and straighter run



Cut away the intercooler cradle


Fit pipes like this (trim both ends of 90* pipe



Make sure all your pipes are tight and put the thing back together in reverse of the dismantle.


Hope this helps

Please if your selling these kits do not use my text or images.
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