1. turboboy

    Intercoolers Universal Intercooler Guide

    Ok guys and girls, welcome to my guide to fit a universal type intercooler to your mk5 cupra,Boc ,fr. My car is a facelift mk5 so there maybe some small differences but nothing major. You need 550x140x65mm intercooler 2x 90* bends with 57mm internal diameter 2x 57mm alloy joiners 4x 60-70...
  2. Bendubiard_

    Fmic and pipework

    Looking for a fmic and pipe work for a auq, preferably 2.5” and something that means i havent gotta lose my fogs ! Cheers
  3. LCR FMIC questions

    Hi all, Been looking at fmics for my LCR BAM 225 as I'm planning to go straight to stage 2 once all this lockdown business is over. Being high mileage (150k+) and not wanting to ditch out a fortune, my end goals for this car are in the region of 280-300 bhp. I've seen a couple Airtec FMICs...
  4. Bendubiard_

    Fmic help !

    Hi guys, been looking into getting a fmic for my leon cupra whilst i got this time off for the lockdown and ive been looking at a few universal kits on ebay but they all seem to have the dodgy looking pipes coming out the sides of the intercooler that just look gross when fitted cause you lose...
  5. Larry Millar

    Turbo and Intercooler Suggestions

    Hello, right so.. My intercooler piping, joiners, o-rings, clips and have all but gave up and I’m looking at replacing the standard system with a discrete front mount intercooler kit. Been looking at this kind of set up and I am planning on replacing the piping and , possibly the turbo too...
  6. Standard intercooler airflow

    Has anyone tried to increase the airflow into the standard intercooler to make it flow better? Im thinking of experimenting with opening up the grill infront of the intercooler on the Tolly Already put on a good make tuning box and cut the cat out, egr is on the list next and if it ever...
  7. hudson82

    universal front mount intercooler vs forge

    hello, ive found a universal front mount intercooler for £100 stating its for vw/audi and seat and good for upto 370bhp......was just wondering what would make it worth while paying the extra £600ish more for the forge one other than the quality. cheers
  8. hubbly_bubbly

    Colder Intake Temperatures using Intercooler Sprayers

    I started off with some research on the net which revealed such systems have been used since quite some time back. The poplularity of doing such a mod fell away after the introduction of WMI kits though. I have never been a fan of WMI after hearing and reading too many bad things. Im not saying...
  9. aterro

    Intercooler piping sizing?

    hello how is everyone? ive got a intercooler pretty much the same as UNI fmic(same in size/core etc) im just wondering if someone can give me the dimensions of the piping and silcone hoses i will need? thanks regards
  10. Which intercooler?

    A friend has got a an ibiza turbo running the revo map. He wants to go down the route of upgrade turbo, injectors, TIP, exhaust(sports CAT) intercooler. The intercooler i.e forge is an expensive option. what other full width front mount intercoolers have people fitted to their Ibiza's...
  11. TerrificToledo

    1.9 TDI Front Mount Intercooler

    Hey guys, I've heard plenty of stories about why not to get FM intercoolers etc.... But i'm still going ahead with it lol I'm having a bit of trouble though, the standard intercooler has got the sensor plugged into it, so i was wondering what part i'd need for that same connector to plug...
  12. Cupra-cal


    does anyone konw if a front mounted intercooler for a mk 4 golf 1.8t 20v would fit a leon cupra?? cheers,callum
  13. No power!!! Turbo? Coil Pack? Intercooler? Help

    Hi guys. I had my LCR 225 for a week, and yesterday the enginem management light came on and straight away i felt that the car loss power, the turbo was not working no more. Went straight to a garage of a friend that have a vag com. Reset the error that was reading high pressure in to turbo...
  14. mat_106

    Intercooler question

    rightio i had a stage 1 revo remap other week and he said if i get a front mount i will notice a big difference. so i have bought one and just wondered basically will i really notice any differene? main reason i bought one is so i can get on with getting a fpr and ko3s or ko4 for a stage 2 map...
  15. Leon Cupra or Audi S3 intercooler.

    Just found some figures on the two. There were some people who argued that there isnt a benefit of a S3 cooler over the standard Cupra/FR cooler but like people who have the S3 fitted I would just like to point out that these comments are WRONG! The S3 cooler will lower intake temps, and...
  16. front Mounted Intercooler

    Hi, i've had a search around but couldnt realy find any information about fitting a universal frount mounted intercooler like this...
  17. intercooler advice

    bought a mk3 cupra just before christmas looking at changing the front mount intercooler from a universal ebay jobbie that on now to 1 that fits propper. is there any 1 else other than forge that make a kit for the car. im sick of pipes popping. ive never had a proble with pipes popping off on...
  18. intercooler pipes

    what material is the best for ic pipes (aluminum, stainless steel, ...) i am worried about the heat from exhaust manifold if i put them like this: or is there any other material or coating (paint, ceramic, ...) thanks
  19. Water in the intercooler pipes?

    Hi, Recently I have noticed a small oil leak coming from the small hole in the EGR valve. Also noticed that the leak where the boost pipe (driver side) connects to the intercooler is much bigger i.e. not a dump oil patch but a proper leak (I mean not dripping out constantly but over a week...
  20. Martin_FR

    Traces of Oil In Intercooler Pipework

    While chaning th rear discs I had the brake fluid cap off. Dropped the cap down the back and took off the intercooler pipe join to get to it. Once I broke the join I notice traces of oil in the intercooler pipe, I presume this isnt normal or is a slight trace of oil ok? Car is an Ibiza FR...
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