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front Mounted Intercooler


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Aug 16, 2007
East London E1-E2-E13
Best option for a MK4 FR TDI PD130 is to fit the Seat Sport FMIC from a Cupra TDI PD160

The SS FMIC is around £250 iirc and is well worth it


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Jan 20, 2008
If you can get the pipework for free (and silicon connectors I assume) then you might be better off buying a SEAT Sport FMIC. It has a large core and probably better flow than an ebay universal one! With regards to the intercooler you have linked, you would be better off with a twinpass set-up (inlet and outlet on the same side) as it will make the pipework easier.... unless you are going to be really creative and re-route it all!

I am also looking to uprgrade to a FMIC in the warmer months and I was wondering if anyone had done a custom/universal jobbie!
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