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  1. Cupra & Cupra R p/n's for Cams, Coolers, Clutch/ Flywheel/ Box, Turbo, Fuel Pump etc

    Spoke to a reliable source there just now with dealer ETKA and got the following information We are assuming that based on the 240bhp posted in the 2010 ETKA, that the BWJ engine has been replaced by the CDLD. No access to previous version of ETKA means that it is possible that moving...
  2. Seat Sport intercooler pipe diameter?

    Hello Quick question, Does anyone know the diameter of the inlet and outlet of the seat sport PD160 intercooler? Thanks
  3. steslatt

    Part number for intercooler pipe?

    i need a part number for this pipe, also does the metal sleeve come with it? im assuming it does? its for an ibiza cupra tdi btw
  4. kineticz

    Quick intercooler piping question...

    This week I have remembered that what if I break down and need to be towed? As the IC piping is in the way of the toe bolt hole. So I squashed that area of the piping so I can now access the toe hole. But do you think squashing the pipe in one area will effect boost? As I put my foot down it...
  5. Lewis225

    Intercooler hose popping off

    Hi, if someone could help it would be great, fitted a f.m.i and the top left hose (lcr) keeps popping off. I have tried wrapping the tape you get at the bottom of a tennis racket around it to make it more grippy, didn't work, I have tried fitting two jubilee clips and if I go over 20psi for more...
  6. 150 TDi Intercooler Pipes

    hello everyone, this might sound like a silly question... but im going to change the small hose which connects onto the intercooler tommorow as it has a small slit in it, i was wondering whether there is anything i need to do before taking this pipe off? will it be pressurised? any help...
  7. Big_daddy

    Still oil in the intercooler

    Following the previous thread, were my turbo seals were gone causing oil in the ic/ and smoking on idle. After 1 and half month (REPLACED THE TURBO) it still smoking on the odd occasion, i removed the hot side of the intercooler and there seem to be alot of oil as it dripped of the pipe...
  8. Steely

    Intercooler, i have an idea!

    Bit of a long shot, Been thinking today, not a good thing i'll admit, but! the standard mk1 LC intercooler tucked behind the drivers side front bumper, Would any benefit be had if a small yet efficient radiator/aircon fan was strapped to the back of it to suck cold air through it, runnig...
  9. joop200789

    intercooler question

    is there any different to the seat sport intercooler off a cupra petrol or diesel or are they the same intercooler
  10. cupra.al

    polished seat sport intercooler

    been busy today polishing my seat sport intercooler being as i havent seen anybody else having done this thought i would give it a go as there aluminium and mine was looking dull and tarnished so heres some pictures. let me know what you all think? hopefully these photos are viewable...
  11. CJRamze

    Intercooler Pipes / Braking

    Considering I know nothing about cars, What does the intercooler... cool? I could google it but I thought I'd let someone explain, With that in mind I've done a few Brecon Beacon runs and yesterday I did a Shropshire run with Rebel Motorsport (fantastic as always.) The Brecon run was very...
  12. MJ

    My leon cupra tdi project

    Well i've owned the car for just under 2 months now so i thought i'd best put up some pics. More will follow and i'll keep updating the spec list.
  13. Uni intercooler boost pipe

    Hi guys, Did post on a seperate thread but no one replyed so having a go this way. Fitted my universal intercooler on the weekend but the boost pipe that goes into the inlet keeps popping off at the sleeve. Anyone know what to do to cure this? Seems like the pipe I got is too small for...
  14. Cupra_R04

    Intercooler Hard pipes

    Ok so last piece of puzzle needed to fit intercooler and then remap. So does anyone know what size and angles of hard pipe i would need to go from the charge pipe down to the intercooler and from intercooler to inlet manifold? Was gonna look at silicone but feel that if i do it and...
  15. Shaunyboy


    Today i stripped the front end off and took the old crappy intercoolers off, recently the cat had a new turbo before i aqquired it and theres alot of oil in the intake, and especially the intercoolers. They dont look healthy either so if i put a FMIC on while im doing the engine work, will it...
  16. Forge Side Mount intercooler... is it really worth it?

    Found a cheapish Forge side mount intercooler, is it really worth buying one, or the difference from oem wont be worth it? Its 27 mm x 5 mm x 15 mm bigger than the OEM cooler. Pressure loss reduction: 2psi Air temp reduction: 6-9 Deg.C what do you reckon? im aiming for 230 hp with a Forge...
  17. nvidia

    slight oil leak from intercooler

    I just had my car bk from service under advisory items slight oil leak from intercooler...anyone know how much will that be to fix that? cheers
  18. Lewis225

    Front Mount Intercooler

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade to a fmi, I have read through Nevs comprehensive guide tho still struggling. Can anyone help me with the all the parts I need to order as the links on Nevs guide are now invalid and don't know where to start:shrug: Any help appreciated Regards Tim
  19. EL

    Opinions on this Cupra R Lower Front Mount Intercooler Kit

    Hi guys, Had a search about the forum but couldn't see anyone mentioning this piece of kit. Wanted to see what people thought about it by the description or if anyone has actually gone for it? It is a TX Autosport FMIC from JBI Motorsports - http://tinyurl.com/lunas9 Thanks
  20. robdf2

    S3 intercooler

    Think i am going to do this upgrade , does anyone have a full list of parts needed , and know best price and where to buy 1 from? also a fitting guide would come in handy ;)
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