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  1. Oily intercooler hose??

    just noticed last night that i had a bit of oil gathering on the outside of the hose tht connects the too intercoolers together,any ideas??,cheers gaz
  2. henryg

    LCR Front Mount Intercooler

    Hi, I am having my custom made FMIC fitted tomorrow by my mate and I was wondering about where the number plate sits on the front. There is a big plastic block that the plate sits on and its in the way of air flow to the intercooler. I want to move my number plate to the side but was...
  3. leaking intercooler - 1.9 110

    hi guys, I just got back from a garage and had some boost tests done. the mechanic noticed the intercooler was leaking oil (not majorly). my question is, would this cause an overall lack of power? and lack of maintaining boost? also would this cause my MPG to be low? Im curious because...
  4. TJenkos

    Intercooler fitting help!

    Uni intercooler, help! Im really struggling to get all the pipes to stay in place. The sharp angled bit of silicone hose that comes from the long tubing attaches to the original plastic mould going upwards. But theres the round metal plate on the frame in the centre. Mines sticking out a bit...
  5. luke07cupra

    S3 intercooler hoses

    Anyone know the best place to get some hoses for an S3 intercooler? Audi want about £150 + VAT so i'm hoping to pick some up a bit cheaper.
  6. CupraJimbo

    Intercooler Piping Upgrade

    I'm after upgrading the intercooler piping on my MK4 Ibiza Cupra but can't find a lot kicking about at present in terms of off the shelf kits. Its the standard FMIC but the car has a turbo back Milltek, 57i Kit, Forge 007 and Forge intake pipe as well as a Custom Code remap. Any...
  7. brightsideteeem

    Intercooler pipe

    I was wondering if I should be as worried as I am really... Basicly my intercooler pipe popped off this morning, and cut a nice hole in it, by rubbing on the serpintine aux belt. (I think it's the water pump, the first one you see looking down?) Apart from the obvious lack of power, and a...
  8. YIN

    THS Intercooler for the TFSI

    Just spotted this haven't seen it mentioned anybody seen or heard anything http://www.thsperformance.co.uk/product/THS_TFSI_Intercooler_THSINT-TFSI I seems revo have one on test on there K1 http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=221402
  9. Intercooler from Seat Ibiza Cupra (1.8T 20V)

    Hello this is part number 6LL 145 804 2008 1.8 BBU engine's front mount intercooler. How many cubic meter this intercooler..? Thx..
  10. intercooler on mk3 ibiza 110hp tdi

    Hey guys, i need some assistance. After doin ecu upgrade on my ibiza tdi 110 '01 i figured i do that intercooler upgrade also...since i'm living in Bosnia i dont have access to some mayor dealerships of aftermarket parts so i have to satisfy with what i got :)...recently i come in possession of...
  11. charge cooler vs intercooler

    hi thanks for looking at my thred i dont post much on here but browse the site every day and think all the threds are very intresting. basicly i was just woundering dont matter how much power any one has nobody seams to be runnig charge coolers i was going to buy one for my ibiza cupra to...
  12. Rael

    Car spat an intercooler hose today!!!

    What...a...day, I've had! Granted, I'm still alive but compared to a normal day this was pretty bad! Last night on the way home I noticed a wooshing noise in time with the turbo, but much louder than normal. Thought little of it, got home. Then, this morning, got in and started on my way to...
  13. benuk

    Ibiza TDI Intercooler lower joint?

    I discovered a little oil on the engine pan/floor (plastic cover under engine) at the drivers side near the front of the car where the pan connects to the underside of the front bumper at the edge near the wheel. I discovered it when trying to take the lower bottom out of the front bumper, even...
  14. new intercooler :) and a few more pics

    hi me and dai cupra decided to fit my intercooler yesterday so i thought id put up a few pics also theres a few pics of my new turbo back exhaust aswell
  15. Help Please 150 FR Intercooler pipe popping off

    Hi all I have been searching the forum and have found quite few posts regarding the above problem but no definitive solution. A few days ago I was hammering along quite nicely on a dual carriageway and the was a loud pop followed by a loss of power and lots of smoke. Limped to my local...
  16. Front mont intercooler

    hello i would like to no if any body has had one of the fmic of ebay and if there any good and will thay fit my fr? it the £100 one thanks
  17. bla1n3

    intercooler ... again!

    Hello people sorry for the intercooler thread again, i HAVE done a good search and sieved through all the threads on this just a little bit confusing tbh on which one to go for, yes of course ideally everyone would like a forge FMIC but for the price they are i cant really afford that right now...
  18. gregorcupra

    Spray my intercooler black ?

    Thinking about spraying my intercooler black. I think it looks ok as it is but that it might be more subtle going black, just after your opinion ? Thanks Gregor
  19. any ideas on what intercooler this is?

    its on my mates ibiza and was on there when he bought it, cheers in advance
  20. Allard Intercooler

    Hi all I am still waiting on forge to book me in as my car is supposed to be used as the donor car to design the fmic on, they promised me at the end of february, we are now middle of april, so im thinking off this, can someone tell me if the allard intercooler is copyrighted so no one can...
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