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  1. p34ch3y

    PCR H-Flow Intercooler Pipe

    PCR H-Flow Intercooler Pipe for 1.8t cars...
  2. Tagsy87


    hey does anyone have one of these intercoolers...
  3. Fitting a intercooler to mk3 1.8t

    I have been looking at the threads and cant seem 2 find a thread on cutting the bumper 2 fit the intercooler, can n e 1 give me n e advice on how 2 cut it 2 make it look neat. It is a universal intercooler. Thanx ant:)
  4. Fitting a SEAT Sport Intercooler

    To a PD 130 sport - pre facelift bumper. This is what I did yesterday.... Hope people find it useful. Clicky Mike
  5. how i fitted my uni intercooler

    this is a guide to try and help people as i found there was a lack of info on t'internet! please post constructive comments or dont! firstly, THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR CAR OR YOURSELF. PLEASE TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS AND IF IN DOUBT...
  6. Intercooler pipes

    Hi, I have removed the side mounted intercooler from my Ibiza fr 20 vt, to fit a front mounted seat sport cooler and it's pipe work. As I removed the old cooler I noticed that there was a small amount of oil in the cooler and its pipe work, is this normal or do I have a problem ?. :confused: Thanks
  7. jwfcms

    Front Mount Intercooler?

    Hi, i am looking to upgrade for the front mount intercooler would this be alot more benefit than the two intercoolers i aleady have on my LCR. I do not want to spend loads and have seen a fe won ebay to fit golf mk4 1.8t or audi 1.8t etc but none for a leon cupra r. what pipe work would i need...
  8. the_fbi

    Seatsport Intercooler Dimensions?

    I did do a quick search, nothing came up :( Does anybody happen to know the dimensions of the seat sport FMIC? ta Chris
  9. 1.9 tdi ibiza fr what intercooler do i buy???

    what intercooler will i buy from forge, im going to order but dont know which one will fit my desil fr:confused:
  10. adam5363

    performance intercooler

    is it really worth getting one when you only have minimal mods, or is it better to wait till after my remap, will it make much of a difference
  11. Engine seized because of Intercooler cleaning.

    i have just cleaned out my intercooler as it was filled with oil. I use paraffin to clean it out. Started ok after that nut when i got down the road i revved which activated the turbo. It must have sucked up the paraffin. The car revved hard and burnt off the parraffin. the car then...
  12. Pipe between intercooler and inlet mani. LC

    I've noticed the pipe between the intercooler and inlet maniford appears to be rubbing on the bracket which holds the head light cover on. There appears to be some mesh sheth or something on there which might be helping but there's a definate rubbing going on. Is this a common problem, the...
  13. JUS CRU-ZN

    S3 intercooler For Cupra

    Hi, Advice please. Do I have to buy the S3 lower pipes... or can I modify the current Cupra pipes for the S3 Intercooler installation. Thx
  14. intercooler question

    hi, iv heard people going for intercoollers on their cars and im interested so heres a few questions iv got. 1; will one fit my leon fr tfsi 2; what are the benefits of one 3; how much are they 4; does it boost power n bhp? cheers :)
  15. Intercooler mounting brackets

    Hi , I am looking for the part no for the Seat sport font mounted intercooler, mounting brackets. I have done a search, but nothing has come up. Has any one any idea ?. There are two, a left and a right. :confused: Thanks
  16. Intercooler Hoses

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a cupra with a ko3s, intercooler etc, around 230 bhp, and the pipes keep blowing off. I welded beads around all the stainless steel piping so the jubilee clips hang on, but the rest are aluminium. Would mikalor clamps do the trick or should i change the...
  17. cupra drew

    intercooler pics

    let us no what ya think[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
  18. Good Clean - Cleaning Inlet Manifold, EGR, Intercooler & Pipes

    Yo yo, quick question What would be best to clean the following bits Inlet Manifold - EGR - Intercooler - All intercooler pipes - Wanting to give it all a good clean before the RR day :)
  19. basssound

    Seat Sport intercooler dimensions please!!!

    Hiya, I need the dimensions of the seat sport intercooler for the front mount IC conversion on the Ibiza Fr TDi. Hieght x width x depth Hole sizes as well. Cheers John
  20. RCS2K4

    The 348PS Cupra! Forge Twin Intercooler Installed!

    Forget "The 312BHP Cupra" in my old thread: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=185980 Today sees the installation of the Forge Twin Intercooler, bringing the total modification list to: Revo SPS Stage 2 Forge DV Spacer Forge Vacumme Valve Milltek 100-Cell Sports Cat (3"...
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