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  1. simonsen82

    intercooler pipe is coming off when i am accelerating

    Hello I’ve got a problem basically for last two weeks my intercooler pipe is coming off every single time when i am accelerating i need to change it so i was wondering should i go for factory one or aftermarket one and what are the prices and finally where i can get in ? if someone have...
  2. Intercooler???

    Hi guys was just wondering if anyone out there using this fmic if so what do ya think of it as i was planning one :think:. Cheers joe x
  3. lukecupra2001

    Anybody got an APR intercooler?

    hey guys im just wondering if anybody using an APR intercooler? Im looking at buying a Leon FR or an mk2 Octavia Vrs and one of the first things im wanting to do is change the intercooler, obviuosly it be important when i up the power but i was also thinking of saveing the car any stress...
  4. Cowie

    Have i missed anything for my intercooler upgrade?

    Hi all, am looking to replace my IC this weekend and just wanted to double check i had everything in place. I have a 65mm same side inlet/outlet IC, 64mm silicon tube and fittings,T type clips,a forge 65mm (the one for the LC 180) map sensor,is there anything else i need? Only thing i'm not...
  5. cuprawill

    intercooler pipework

    i have a uni fmic and the pipe work to route it down the driverside but not sure how to do it can anyone help please also will it make a difference in performance cheers will
  6. need help for intercooler pipework

    hello, i will fit a new intercooler with ports in the middle, like the THS Intercooler. the original pipework is no more in the ibiza. can you help me what i need to fit the fmic? which siliconhoses... some pics? thx
  7. Dougy

    Testing an intercooler for damage??

    Hi guys I have just bought a 2nd hand intercooler and pipe work but some of the fins are crushed at the top Is there a way to check the intercooler will function right? Thanks
  8. AndrewJB

    MK2 Leon FR PD170 Intercooler?

    What Standard intercooler does the 2.0 16V PD170 have ? 1x Smic , 2x Smic or a FMIC? Has anybody gone down a Aftermarket FMIC route yet? I think before i go pushing for power Through De-DPF,Panel Filter and Remapping i might aswell look at better Intercooler among other things , I...
  9. RabReith89

    Show off your intercooler thread

    Hi guys just fitted my custom intercooler and i have went down the route of fully exposen my one just waiting till jan to get the bumper sprayed. I understand that some guys and girls like keeping them hidden or even spaying them black so hears your chance to show it off :D
  10. SalSheikh

    second intercooler?

    guys, i have a seat alhambra intercooler lying around, looks like pic: so i was wondering if i added this to the current system will it make any difference? local place near me (custom chrome racing) make exhausts so i can get bends made to make this fit (fingers crossed) thinking...
  11. Tagsy87

    intercooler build

    i know this thread has been covered to death but was wondering everyone says to use J-B weld for the beading on the pipe work but which kind do i use? also how hard is it to find a intercooler with a 64mm inlet and outlet
  12. olliep

    intercooler spray

    Has anyone done/thought about installing an intercooler spray on leon?? any gains?
  13. RobDon

    Intercooler performance

    Everyone knows about cheap ebay intercoolers Vs the expensive ones from the likes of Forge, Pro Alloy, etc., but I wanted to get some feedback on how they perform, also the debate on bar and plate Vs tube and fin which seems never-ending! I got rid of my big race Forge FMIC which cost over...
  14. tom w

    intercooler pipework

    hi, where can you get some decent intercooler pipework not the usual ebay stuff which pops off under high boost as i am sick of this . maybe to run down the left of the engine bay not under it . thanks in advance
  15. ChrisGTL

    Intercooler Hose O Ring Part Number?

    Does anyone have a part number for the o-rings used in sealing the intercooler hoses? Would be a great help if you do cos my SEAT garage are :censored:
  16. intercooler

    anybody no if you have to cut away at ur bumper to fit an intercooler??
  17. sambryant

    Front mount intercooler

    hi all. i want a front mount intercooler for my lcr. with xmas only round the corner i cannot afford the forge 1, also i wouldnt pay that much for 1. so im looking sorce all the parts i need to make 1 up. any way i no sum of u have bought a universal kit and have fiited them well. so can u guys...
  18. cubias

    Oil in pipe from intercooler

    Hi all I drive a mk4 ibiza FR tdi and its started making an odd noise between 1500-1700 revs. Its hard to explain but it sounds much noisier and there is a bit more vibration. Are the gearbox mounts prone to any problems? When I wobble the engine from underneath, it feels as if loose at the...
  19. C13RYP

    Intercooler to turbo hose..help..

    Does anyone know where i can get a longer version of this hose? Hybrid conversion and as you can see in the picture the oem hose isnt long enough to connect from the intercooler pipe to the turbo. car: 1.8TFR with hybrid conversion. cheers Paul.
  20. ChrisGTL

    Allards PD150 Intercooler Pipework Fitting...

    Hi, Ordered my Allards kit now, not in no rush to get it fitted but I'm ordering other parts needed so it all fits with minimal stress. :lol: I've been to SEAT and ordered the OEM intercooler brackets upper and lower because I told AwesomeGTI to take them off so they wouldnt rub the robust...
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