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Intercooler question


Active Member
Feb 16, 2009
rightio i had a stage 1 revo remap other week and he said if i get a front mount i will notice a big difference. so i have bought one and just wondered basically will i really notice any differene? main reason i bought one is so i can get on with getting a fpr and ko3s or ko4 for a stage 2 map but would be nice if i do notice any difference from just fitting this :)?

Also is a open filter better than closed one? i have dynatwist and cant hear it at all? if i take the metal housing around the filter of would it be better?


Active Member
Jun 5, 2009
on daveibiza's drive.
Hi mate,

When i had my first ibiza cupra (standard) the first thing i did was a revo stage 1. i recall the guy who mapped it (craig top guy) and then logged it for me too. he also told me that because the standard cooler is tiny the engine temp was causing the car to hold back.

I dont have a map yet but i noticed a diffrence in power delivery from just a TIP and FMIC.

In the long run, if your going for more power yes you need one.
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