1. Any idea what this is?

    Hi, Was hoping for some help, anyone have any idea what this part is and what it connects to??
  2. psycho6285

    Thrust Bearing question

    Hi I have tried to find this by searching but getting no where (it may just be me!!) Changing the clutch as it is starting to slip on full boost. Question is do i have to change the whole Slave Cylinder or can i just get the bearing? Seen clutch and bearing on ECP for reasonable price...
  3. 1.4 5 Door Sport Question

    Im thinking about upgrading my brakes on my new ibiza "59" plate 1.4 5 door sport and wondered what options i have that would be a direct fit or easy choice? and also where i can get them from. . thanks in advance :)
  4. chuckb

    Front bumper on Bocanegra Technical question

    Ok this is to those in the know I have had the Boc for 3 months now. When it was 4 weeks old parked up at local Sports Centre took sprog swimming. Coming out chap in an a class was parked in front of me and he was looking nervous to say the least. Pinged me hurried up jumped in his postman pat...
  5. EGR question

    Hi all, Not your usual egr question but how exactly do they work? i know they recirculate air which has already been burnt, therefore reducing emissions. and are they water cooled by the cooling system within the diesel enginine if so can anyone explain it preferably with pics? i am not...
  6. general turbo conversion question

    im wondering if making a 2.0 8v turbo will work in regards to the ecu. will i be able to run it after installing the turbo without remapping the ECU?(will it adjust to make it drivable?) ive got it all planned out; big injectors, T3 turbo and downpipe, oil feed from or to oil cooler to oil...
  7. Genoc

    Newbie! Oil Question, Quantum Longlife III or Platinum

    I've recently bought a 2006 Ibiza Cupra Tdi.. and am getting confused, should I be buying the Quantum Longlife III or the Platinum oil for it? thanks Gemma
  8. Quadrablast

    Brakepad question

    Hello again! Tomorrow i will pick up my new cupra in furiagrey. Here in Sweden, you can´t order the factory brakeupgrade for some reason. So, i´m thinking about changing the brakepads to something like EBC´s "Redstuff". The problem is, none of the stores here have got it for the 2010 cupra, just...
  9. Mr OCD

    Setting up question...

    Hi All, I've got the following in my Cupra: Alpine CDE-9882Ri Head Unit Components powered from head unit JL Audio W3 Sub JL Audio monoblock amp My question is how is best to setup the sound? I'm trying to control the sub via headunit but I dont know how to remove some of the BASS...
  10. Anti-roll bar question mk2 leon cupra

    I've been reading about anti-roll bars and looking at what would be the best set up, but i've come across a few things thats confused me a little, The theory is on a front wheel drive car you need a stiffer rear anti-roll bar and a rwd car you need a stiffer front anti-roll bar (this theory...
  11. Apologies for yet another suspension question...

    I promise, this will be the last! (hopefully!) I've been looking at Bilstein B4's for my SEAT Toledo 2.3, and have found two sets of numbers; Sports setup VNE 4575 front BNE 2917 rear Normal VNE 4574 front BNE 2942 rear I'm tempted by the sports setup, mainly because you only...
  12. Teasy

    Brake Discs & Pads Question

    Anyone fitted Mintex brake discs & pads front & rear ? :think: :help: Reason I'm asking is I've seen them and I do fancy a bit of Mintex
  13. Pander

    Another coilover question

    Just fitted my coilovers (weitec hicon gt's) and wondered how long it will be before they settle down ?
  14. fourtwofive

    quick question

    just fitted my weitec gt coilovers all is great stance and ride the only problem is the steering is out not the tracking it straightlines fine but the steering wheel is at one side when going straight how do i fix this issue?
  15. A colour question

    I'm in the process of colour coding my ibiza and have seen a MK5 ibiza at the local scrap yard that I want to take the door handles off and fit to mine (i'm pretty sure that the part numbers are the same so should go straight on). My car is a Luna Grey Mk4 and the car at the scrap yard looks...
  16. Cupra Gsy

    Lightened VR6 Flywheel Question??

    I know everyone gets he g60 flywheel for the Cupra but i have been offered a VR6 clutch and flywheel for nothing and was wandering how much i can get it lightened by as it weighs quite alot.
  17. uzi_cupra

    Exhaust question

    Looking at getting my exhaust done in the next couple of weeks (before i go for my stage 3 map) but wanted to know what is my best option. had a look at a few places and so far came up with this: (1) custom 2.5" (or 3" but apparently makes no difference) full turbo back (decat too) with a...
  18. MOMO_330d

    1.9Tdi Timing Belt Question

    Hi Ladies and Gents! We have a 2006 1.9Tdi Reference Leon. Now im still quite new to the VAG diesels game so please accept my apologies for the "noob" question. lol. I've tried searching but either the posts seem a little unclear to me or they are talking about the later 2.0ltr Tdi engines...
  19. steffers

    K&N 57i Induction Kit Question

    Hello, After compiling a shopping list for my LCR that made my bank account cry, i decided to stop thinking about modifying and keep the car as standard as possible. However the other week, while looking into the engine bay, my friend said: 'If i had this car i would be modifying it...
  20. Rob FR TDi

    Newbie question

    Hi Guys, Just a quick one. I've had my car afew months now and its due its service. Its a 2008 (first half) Leon Fr TDi with 22,000 miles-ish I've come to booking it in for a service and become stumped on what service to book it in for. Interim or Major service. Please...
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