Dashcams Where is the Fuse Box on a RHD Ateca and what are fuses....

People new to VAG cars wonder where the fuse box is in RHD cars in the passenger area. The Ateca like the Tiguan, Kodiak, Karoq etc it is hidden behind the glove box. It's done to preserve the cabling in the car so the runs are the same as the LHD (assume) but makes it tricky to get at the box. A "dampner" has to be removed so that the glovebox drops right down to reveal the fuse box.

See Ateca manual:
View attachment 10124

for completeness those under the bonnet:
View attachment 10125

There is a video posted of someone doing it with an Ateca:

& a further video with the fuse decode video gives the locations assuming their left hand diagram is correct.

We thank all those kind souls that post up videos::footysup:

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