1. Jimski

    SuperSport 35mm Front - 50mm Rear - Shock and Springs

    Evening! I know that Truss has asked the question about whether Supersport can consider making us happy by supplying a 35mm front, 50mm spring/shock kit for ibiza mk4. Just thought this thread could be a follow up to my thread asking a similar question generally and help everyone else...
  2. supersport 50mm springs

    about to purchase a set of 50mm spings from supersport! any1 had a problems or mods u might need when fitting??
  3. kyle'87

    50mm Lowering springs, do they exist?

    Im wanting to lower my cupra but feel 40mm isn't going to be enough! If not then 40mm it will have to be :( Coilovers will be bought for the summer before anyone mentions getting them instead :D
  4. chaazza

    50mm springs

    right guys as you might know iv just fitted suspension on my car with 40mm springs now iv seen a few pictures of people with 17s on a 40mm drop and it looks lower than mine so i was thinking of getting 50mm springs but i cant find them any were well not any that are stupidly priced and i dont...
  5. 50mm centre caps (push on)

    Preferably seat ones?
  6. 50mm on 18s??

    hi guys, just been searching for info on lowering but I'm still strugling to make my mind up. If I was to go 50mm on 18s on a cupra would I be constantly rubbing/grinding? I can't afford coilovers so gonna get shocks/springs which obviously means I gotta get the height right! Or would I be...
  7. Lodgey180

    lcr 50mm springs

    do you keep these on the shelf if you do i will have a drive up over the weekend for a set.. its a 2002 lcr 210 cheers
  8. Rocky Rocastle

    Weitec 50mm Ultra GT Kit Price

    Hi Damian can you advise on you best price inc delivery for the above please, via PM if you wish. cheers mate ;)
  9. IS 50mm drop To much????

    Recently got a mk4 1.4 16v sport DAB. and i am looking it to lower it. am unsure on how low to go? i am looking at 50mm-50mm?? is that to low? any suggestions? Cheerz
  10. lowered 50mm.... wat ya guys think?

    Finaly got rid of monster truck suspension.... 'tis lowered 50mm on cobra springs/shocks .... handles loads better now .... next on the list are weitec anti roll bars and an S3 strut brace.... handling will be sorted then ....... let me now what you think... cheers dudes
  11. Lowering by 50mm

    Anyone know if you get problems when you lower by 50mm, i have a set of 18inch wheels on so will they rub, its going on my leon cupra
  12. ibiza_95

    50mm or 42mm intake manifold...?

    Been looking at a few manifolds on the great bay of eees and noticed that some say 50mm or 42mm... Also mentions a bit of extra something from the 50mm manifold... how do you know which one you have, is there a way of finding out without removing the manifold from the engine? And is it going to...
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