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  1. FR Alloy Original Colour?

    Hi, as above, just wondered if anyone knew the name/code for the original colour of the FR facelift 17"s? Have done a search but no joy.
  2. altea 2006 alloy wheel pcd

    hi people i'm looking to get some 18"s / 19" s for my altea but i keep seeing people offer alloys with the fitment 5x112 when i know i brought a set of 17s with the 5x100 pcd am i to believe the 2 pcd's will fit.....:shrug:............:D
  3. Chris_a_73

    Standard alloy wheel respray?

    Hey guys, After continuing my search to try and find some good alloys for my new Ibiza Ref. Sport, I've decided to keep my current 15" ones but to get them spray in Antracite ;) So I was just wondering if anyone has had a positive experience with a wheel respray service, hopefully at a...
  4. alloy wheels

    does anyone no if vauxhall wheels will fit mk1 toledo, im lookin 2 buy from ebay the post ends 2mora, many thanks
  5. Nath_123ni

    Alloy Wheels for Ibiza

    Hi, im looking to get a new set of alloys for xmas. But i can decide what to get. I have a yellow ibiza so probably black is the colour im goin for. About 17" would fit nice. Here is a few pics iv found Help would be great thanks
  6. ATP

    alloy centre caps

    lost one this week... seat part?
  7. kewe

    Alloy Dash Fitted

    Managed to fit the SEAT alloy dash over the weekend, not sure tbh :confused: More pics on Readers Ride section or clicking the link below my sig. Let me know what you think, good or bad :p
  8. Cupra orion alloy wheels

    Hi everyone just wondered if anyone has a paint code for the silver colour orion wheels. I drive a candy white K1 58 plate and have a couple of small chips that I want to tidy up. I know its a bit of a boring thread but I thought someone may know. Thanks everyone:D
  9. Locking WHEEL NUT key - Lost

    Hi, Ordered some new TOYO's last week. went to fit them only to find the wheel Alloy key missing. Im assuming the wheel nuts were fitted as factory standard. Can I get a new one from seat or any other place ????
  10. rsmith

    Another Alloy color Thread, calling all Platinum Grey LCR

    Hey all, I current have a set of BBS CH19" on my Platinum grey LCR, they are powder coated Black and a B$tch to keep clean, so i have decided to get them refurbed and change the colour at the same time. I am thinking of either the standard BBS silver finish or some sort of...
  11. rocky2008

    Alloy wheel respray

    i am looking to get my alloy wheels resprayed and fancy a change, how ever with it being a red car i am not sure what other colours would look good apart from black or gun metal grey. does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. cupragav

    Changing alloy wheels on cupra r

    Hey people. I am wanting to change the wheels on my cupra r but I am slightly confused into which wheels can fit and the fitment of certain wheels. I reall want Porsche 996 wheels for it but I need some help in what to do. Anyone? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. steslatt

    Alloy wheel refurb in north west?

    anyone know any any or had experience with any alloy wheel refurb places in the north west? had a quote for £300 seems a bit dear, seen a few mentioned for £45 per wheel elswhere in the uk.
  14. Alloy wheel fitment

    i realise these are a little expensive for what they normally go for, but will these fit a 2002 02 leon tdi bolt straight on?;)...
  15. andieleon

    alloy wheels

    Hi there guys n girls, just wondering if any one new if 97/98 grand cherokee wheels fit on the leon cupra 53 plate with adaptors or something?? really like the wheels and want to be different?? cheers
  16. Willie

    LCR alloy wheels cooling callipers??

    I'm looking into brake cooling systems for my LCR. I have read lots of posts on VWVortex about fitting hoses and flange etc etc. Basically what i've done so far is to remove the SMIC's and fit a FMIC, remove fog lights and grills. Also I have trimmed the wheel arch liner to allow a better...
  17. Alloy wheels

    im thinking of putting some good alloys on the car .. thinking black with red lip .... However not sure on the size .. was thinking 17s .. but been told to get 16s because then i can lower it .. ? So i duno what to get any ideas ?
  18. refurbishing alloy wheels ...???

    I dont suppose anyone knows if its an easy enough job for a novice.... mine are shot to sh** , not with kerb marks but with the metal coming off around the middle, they are the original cordoba alloys so not sure if common problem. any advice...again would be appreciated :confused:
  19. CupraMuscle

    Alloy Wheel Refurb?

    Does anyone know of somewhere I can get my wheels refurbished and powder coated in the London area? Cheers, Marc.
  20. S.E.C.T.

    Alloy Wheel Damage

    Did my weekly clean of the car today and found an approximate 1inch scrape down my P/S front alloy :censored: Looks like Ive hit a curb at some point but honestly cant think of when this could of happnened as Ive been very very careful :shrug: Going to get chipsaway or someone similar to...
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