1. Cuprar17

    Cupra R Alloy Colour Code

    Does anyone know what the colour code for the copper on the Cupra R alloy is? I’ve asked a few alloy refurb companies and apperently they aren’t able to get the paint to repair it.
  2. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33697.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca Brembo brake option and wheel close up
  3. Greenman

    New rims

    So I've finally bought a set of alloys - Gone for the Leon FR 17s. My question is, will they just swap out for my 16's on the SE? Or will i have to do anything?
  4. Greenman

    New Alloys

    Looking for some new wheels for my 63 plate Leon 3 door 1.6tdi DSG. I'm not very technical so I'd quite like for them to just fit on. Pref 17" as i feel the existing 16s look a bit small. tyres would be nice too! in black would be even better! There's so many on eBay but i don't trust them!
  5. Alloy problem

    New to the forum , has anyone seen an alloy do this or have this happen to them , no damage to the tyre and didn’t hit anything, Happened on the motorway doing 50mph , hope someone can shed some light on this , cheers
  6. worzel

    Standard alloy wheel weight?

    Hi, does anyone know the weight of standard LCR alloy wheels? I own a nice example of a black LCR (2005) and have seen some nice 19" rims, but they seem cheap, so can only assume this is because they are really heavy, so want to compare.
  7. Alloy Fitment sizes for ibiza and leon.

    Does an ibiza 06 have the same Wheel fitting and offset as leon mk1 05?
  8. New alloy

    Whilst allowing the better half to driv my car she some how failed to notice a pothole about 4-5 inches deep and drove right threw it. Result buckled front wheel it's only slight but noticable, I've had it rotated to the rear for the time being. Rang up my local seat dealership to be hit with a...
  9. Art0ir

    Painting a red lip on alloy wheels..

    Absolutely sick to death of the white rims now :lol: They are an absolute nightmare to keep clean!! I had them spotless, I mean spotess last Sunday morning. 80 miles and 2 hours later at a show, they were bloody bogging :cry: So, gonna paint them black with a red lip around the edge. Any...
  10. Benzy

    what alloy wheels will fit

    hi guys, i drive a leon mk2 140 tdi and was wondering what alloys will fit. what is the stud diameter etc. iv been on lots of different sites and am getting different answers from them all so im slightly confused. am looking at buying some rs4 alloys 5x112 thanks
  11. Skoda Alloy Rims on my Altea

    Hi guys, I bought these Sputnik Skoda Allloy rims with Dunlop Sport Maxx 225/45/17 tyres today and want to mount them on my Altea. I don't like the Skoda sign on them though and wpuld like to use the Seat covers. I believe there are Seat alloy models with such covers, but i don't know the alloys...
  12. 17" team dynamics alloy wheels for mk2 leon

    As above, looking at a set of 17" pro race 1.2 black alloy wheels for a silver mk2 fr. anyone else got 17"aftermarket wheels?worried they might be a bit too small and look stupid, should i just hang on and get the 18's instead? also worried how 18's will effect the suspension, will it make it...
  13. sambryant

    alloy wheels but what ones?

    hi all im going to buy some new alloys tomorrow. im going to get some bbs ch reps as they seem good value and people on here seem to rate them. now the choice i have to make is, what colour? black with the polished out line or silver? few pics or and here is my car...
  14. A interesting product to protect your alloy wheels from the kerb!

    Alloygator - anyone heard/used them? A guy at work has just asked me if I've heard about "Alloygator" before, which I haven't.... A quick google shows some interesting stuff.... Anyone used/heard of them before?
  15. Yorkshire Bob

    Correct alloy wheel size and off-set i now have my HID's in and ECU re-mapped thanks to everyone for their input, i now want to get some sweet alloys, really into the idea of the NEW RS4 style, still umming and aaghing over GUNMETAL or not, bottom line, i don't want to buy the wrong off-set and have 18" alloys sticking out...
  16. ToledoNorthEat

    Alloy fitting...or not

    Hi all, After my RS6's got nicked from my garage I bought some MOMO S-Fives 17" x 7.5. Tried to put them on yesterday, the bolts don't seem long enough and the centre bore doesn't fit. Should it be ok with some longer bolts or would I need some spacers too since the centre bore doesn't marry...
  17. new alloy wheels

    Hey i am looking for new alloy wheels for my mk4 ibiza....willing to spend about £150 on them, any ideas?
  18. alloy fitment and lowering

    hi. jus wanna no off u cupra r experts if an amg alloys wud fit on a cupra r? And wot the limit on how much to lower on coilkovers? was gonna do round 40mm? cheers ash
  19. Hugo Nebula

    Cracked alloy

    During the snow & ice a few weeks ago, I hit a kerb side on - only slowly. I looked at the time, and it just looked like a scrape along the edge. However I've looked closer this morning, and I noticed a hairline crack: How worried should I be about this? I don't know if it's gone...
  20. Alloy advice, which to choose!?

    Want some new alloys for my red Ibiza FR, I'd love your opinons on, these which look cool, or these which Ive wanted for...
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