1. Syphon

    Construction begins on CUPRA headquarters

    Syphon submitted a new article Construction begins on CUPRA headquarters Continue reading the full article

    Any online dealers?

    Now Irfan has left the building? Where's the cheapest deal to be had? Thinkin' Cupra Technology Pack Would 'ave been £20K with the man. Where does everyone go shopping these days? :confused:
  3. The 5Door Thread - Building a 5D VR6, need 5d mk2's PICS !!!

    Hi all Here in Portugal i'm building a 2.8 VR6 Ibiza mk2. The original car is a late 97 Ibiza mk2 GT 5 Door. Came with that same engine that polo 16v uses, the 1.4 16v 100bhp. The engine was ruined when i bought the car (i knew it) so i decided to put something a little bit more powerfull...
  4. ibizacupra

    building a turbo youtube vid-interesting interesting
  5. engine building.....

    starting to think about going BT again, either in a golf or A3:headhurt:. but need to keep to a tight budget. seen lots of older mk4 golf/a3s (s,t,v reg) for £2-3k downside is 100k+ miles. this wouldnt be a problem if rebuilding engine would it? thinking of new pistons, possible going 1.9l...
  6. building 20V T engine

    Hello people. Im new to the seat scene and currently drive a 200sx s14a. I recently rebuilt the sr20det engine in my car however i am getting itchy feet again to get a hot hatch and feel the urge for a seat. I am thinking of buying an engine first and building it up to put in a car at a...
  7. Czechboy

    Booty building ;)

    Hiya everyone. After fitting my spacers, my back end was scraping when I took passengers in the back so I thought THATS IT, time to strip the rear, lol. But because I knew Id miss my sound system too much I had to think of a compromise. And this is. Hopefully this thread will show you some of my...
  8. Building your own interface/cable

    Don't know if this site has been mentioned before, but anyone who wants to save a few pennies and put their own interface/cable together can buy stuff here: I've just ordered the board and OBD connector, the rest of the bits are items...
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