1. Syphon

    Competition time - win a set of new stickers

    In case you hadn't noticed we've got a bit new website update on the way and this includes a new logo and some new merchandise. There is a limited run of chrome badges on the way so get your's reserved here. We also have some new car stickers revealed here for the first time below. The...
  2. great_kahn


    Hey all, been on here a few months, but not really had much chance to take photos etc. Took the cupra to a track day at bedford autodrome, utterly amazing fun. Even though it was wet, if anything it made it even more fun. Only real hairy moment was when a caterham did 720 degree spin out in...
  3. Empi5

    BTCC Competition - ive Won ( again )

    Entered the competition on BTCC website, using Nibbles name and I won: A Question of Motorsport, Avonvale Honda, Northampton – Saturday 29 August Congratulations on winning the chance to come and meet legendary ex-F1 champion Johnny Herbert and his Team Dynamics team-mate David Pinkney at...
  4. Website or National meet Competition?

    Do you think it would be a nice idea guys/admin to hold a small competition to win some Seat merchandise i.e. umbrella, keyrings etc? I know there has been some in the past, but I dont believe I have seen one for a while perhaps one of the Seat site sponsors could donate some nice goodies...
  5. Valencia Competition

    Anyone else enter Club Seat's Valencia Competition? Just found out I've won! A nice little trip to sunny spain in a fortnight. First drive of the exeo!! Can't wait to see the plan for the weekend. :happy:
  6. Empi5

    Caption Competition - Winner gets nothing

    Just a bit of fun. Best caption wins nothing "Hello is that the devil, how much for my Soul "
  7. soamer

    competition parts

    i know this may have been asked a thousend times but where can i get competition parts from for my 2.0 8v i have found so far roll cage seats coil overs pads disks all i really need is engine performance parts and gear box bits, can any one help
  8. woodyTDI

    Spring time fuel competition

    Spring time fuel competition Anyone up to see how many miles we can all get on a tank of fuel? State model, year and current mileage and see how far we can go? Millers can be used Who’s up for it? :shrug: I filled up today with normal bp stuff and my milages is at 8k and new leon...
  9. Empi5

    Seat Sport - March Competition ... And the Winner is.....

  10. andyb

    BTCC predictions competition

    I know many of you are members at Ten-Tenths, so thought I'd plug it here. Our friends at Ten-Tenths (who will be jointily supporting the BTCC/SCC Spotters Guide this year) are running a BTCC prediction competition. Obviously, you have to be a member to compete. Enjoy btw- I'm leading...
  11. m0rk

    SEATSport UK Competition

    Woohoo After a couple of years entering I get to win! Cheered my day up that has. Mark
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