1. Syphon

    New 2021 OEM Quality Copper Car Badges (Group buy now live)

    After our popular limited run of fifty high quality chrome badges and plenty of interest in another batch this time in copper we're now taking pre-orders. We need fifty pre-paid orders We need to reach fifty paid orders to make this viable as the supplier has a minimum order value. What if we...
  2. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33697.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca Brembo brake option and wheel close up
  3. jfellows10

    Interior trim mods leon fr 2017 dsg facelift model

    I have leon fr 2017 fr 2.0 facelift dsg model Looking for some interior trim mods such as carbon fibre/copper effects and also does anyone know where to get copper decals for the seat badge. I also want to change the dsg gear knob to a carbon fibre effect but can not seem to find anywhere that...
  4. Cupra (2019) Multimedia modifications

    Hello Guys, I'm new here .. so hello ;) I own a Cupra 2019 and I wanted to know \ ask few things: 1. How can i update the multimedia system, and is it necessary at all ? 2. How can i change the theme of it ? if it even possible ? 3. The car came without navigation system :( Can i install it...
  5. help needed with my copper colour 16v ibiza an what wheels to buy

    need help with what wheels i should get for my r-reg 16v ibiza, its got a 20v turbo engine fitted to the car just need some nice wheels to finsh it off, its got the standard 16'' mutispoke ronal wheels fitted just need something to stick out of the arches a bit more, so anyone one got any...
  6. chrisbond69

    Cupra Copper Nickel Brake pipe?

    Ive gone to fit the brake pipe on my ibiza and the nuts rounded off the connection is so badly corroded that i need to buy new pipe and end nuts can someone tell me the size of the nuts and pipes i need to buy for my car and where you suggest getting good quality products from thanks
  7. mk2 copper injection wahers

    Today i took my injectors out for a inspection/clean. I have managed to knacker up one of the small copper seal washers. The engine has a serous lack of power and is fuel is bubbling up around the no1 injector, probably due to lack of compression. Any chance anyone knows any part numbers...
  8. making a copper coloured bumper blue

    hi all, my situation is this. i have an imperial blue mk3 ibiza with no bumper on it, and a copper coloured bumper (i picked it up cheap). how can i strip the paint off the bumper? (paint stripper will ruin the plastic) it'll take me forever to sand it down, would a specialist paint/body...
  9. KENWA

    Copper Re-spray.

    Does anyone know anyone who does respectable paint-jobs in the north west? Live in Barrow-in-Furness and im looking to respray the cupra. Both rear arches are going, with the drivers side the worse of the two. Apart from that are are a few minor chinks in bonnet and drivers door. Apart...
  10. Craig!

    How Much Is It Worth?? - Copper 2.0 8V Cupra

    Just wondering how much do people think a mint, 2.0 8V Cupra on 68,000k miles would be worth? It's only got 1 months tax, but 6 months test. The car has anthracite 16V alloys and is on FK suspension, the exterior is nie on spotless bar the odd stone chip here and there. Also anyone who may...
  11. Copper Leon Cupra "Modified"

    Here was my Leon Cupra last month (april) when i got it: Here it is now, just one month later (May 2006):) all finished, but waiting for Centre Caps for the wheels (STILL!!) Any Opinions?
  12. Hairy

    'Spray On' copper grease

    Hi All, In the brake disk replacement guide on the main page the hub is sprayed with copper grease.... Can some one please tell me where I can get it from as I have only seen it in tubes or tubs and I hope to replace my disks in the next week or so. Cheers,
  13. ibiza_cupra_gti

    colour code for copper cupra

    anyone now the proper colour code for a copper cupra as im havin my rear archs reprayed and the body shop cant find a match for the code in my book.
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