New 2021 OEM Quality Copper Car Badges (Group buy now live)


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Feb 28, 2002
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After our popular limited run of fifty high quality chrome badges and plenty of interest in another batch this time in copper we're now taking pre-orders.

We need fifty pre-paid orders
We need to reach fifty paid orders to make this viable as the supplier has a minimum order value.

What if we don't get fifty?
If we don't get fifty orders within a reasonable timeframe, we will offer full refunds.

Pricing and delivery
We can do them a bit cheaper this time as the tooling charge has been paid from the last batch.

They will be £13.40 delivered (£11.45 for the badge and £1.95 postage for up to two badges)

For orders of two badges the postage charge should be automatically deducted. If you want more than two badges, please email [email protected] before you order.

If you are outside of the UK, we will ask you to pay the additional postage charges separately.

Ordering is now live

1. Place your order in the store.

2. Add your forum name to the thread below
3. Tell others so we can get to 50 quickly!

4. Wait patiently (lead time from the order last time was a couple of weeks)


A mock-up of the copper design is shown below as well as a keyring made in copper from the supplier to show the quality.

Seat Cupra Net 70mm Car Badge Design Final Copper.jpg



Looking forward to seeing these on your cars!

Any questions just ask.

Thanks :)

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Nov 24, 2012
Current List

Jimbobcook - Copper
Evoexr - Copper (would have Chrome)
Zephyr - Either
Legojon - Copper
Mtailor - Chrome
Nicholas Ellis - Copper
emilyjane2910 - Copper
GlekkeMatrak - Copper (would have Chrome)
hallsy67 - Copper
Loadmaster748 - Copper
Cupra300AS - Chrome
Benmk2cupra - Either

Copper - 8
Chrome - 2
Either - 2
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Dec 28, 2020
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My car is silver and.. unfortunately, despite is a 310HP one rims will be black/silvers so... don't mind any of the two versions (would rave for black/cooper rims but no luck - confirmed with the dealer who asked it in front of me - on handsfree).
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Feb 28, 2002
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Lots of interest which is great, and the new copper is clearly in the lead.

The samples arrived today, polished and brushed.

I'm inclined to go with the brushed as it is going to be harder wearing, but also it matches CUPRA badging / wheels which are matt - if anyone strongly disagrees speak now or forever hold your peace! :)

I'm going to soak them some car cleaning chemicals over the next day or so to see how they hold up, but assuming they do, it looks like we should have enough interest to get to fifty quite quickly so I can then set up the payment mechanisms.



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Jan 27, 2021
I would be interested! I'm going to buy a seat leon cupra 300hp in the next couple of months and the badging would look awesome
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