1. Syphon

    New 2021 OEM Quality Copper Car Badges (Group buy now live)

    After our popular limited run of fifty high quality chrome badges and plenty of interest in another batch this time in copper we're now taking pre-orders. We need fifty pre-paid orders We need to reach fifty paid orders to make this viable as the supplier has a minimum order value. What if we...
  2. Dudelliot

    Leon mk2 cupra badge (pre facelift)

    Hey. Seen a lot of Pictures of The leon mk3 with cupra badge instead of the "S" (seat badge). Also Seen a few facelift mk2 with the same badge. Is there anyone with the files to print badge for the pre facelift. Borrowed Picture
  3. ZionLiam

    New cupra badge install?

    Hi everyone :wave: saw a 3D cupra on the m8 this morning and it had the new cupra tribal logo on the front grille and bumper boot release. I also seen it in a few videos on YouTube (screenshots below). Does anyone know where to buy these or what has been done to cover up the old logo? Any...
  4. Black SEAT Badge options?

    Hi, I have a 2016 Cupra 290 and am after some black SEAT badges front and back. Just wondering what are the best options. Anyone got pictures of theirs and where they got them from? Cheers, Brandon
  5. Seat Leon Cupra Mk1 - Upper Front Grille

    Hi, I'm looking for the upper front grille to fit a Mk1 Seat Leon Cupra. I've found a few possible part numbers so far but haven't been able to confirm if they are the right ones. The possible part numbers I have come across are: 1ML853653A79Y 1MO853653G79Y Basically, it's the honeycomb grille...
  6. Neale

    Ibiza Cupra "R" badge

    Right have done a search for in the hope of finding an answer but to no avail Was just out washing/polishing my car and noticed my rear "R" badge has seen better days so just wondering if there is anyone that could point me in the right direction as to where to source a new one, i've tried my...
  7. Cupra Steve

    Black Seat Badge

    Hi all, just wondering, has anyone painted their Seat badge (on the front grill) black? At the minute my car is all red & black and i have this great big chrome badge which to me spoils the looks a bit. What did you use to paint it? Can you get if off the car without damaging the badge...
  8. spikeydoo

    vinyl wrapped badge

    Been assing about with a bit of vinyl i've had kicking about for ages. Dam it's trickier than I expected ;) If I'm honist they do not stand up under scrutiny, but stood 1 pace away they look pretty good....But I wanted to know if it would look OK before commiting to a professional to do...
  9. Does the rear S badge come off cleanly?

    As the title says really. I'm looking to debadge the car, I'm guessing the words come off quite easy but car logos are sometimes aligned with a couple of plastic pegs, and a corresponding hole or two in the bonnet. Do SEAT do the same? I guess this is specific to Toledo's, the other cars seem...
  10. DanLewis1991

    Removing the S badge

    wanna smoke my rear S badge, how do you remove it fvrom the tailgate? has anyone painted theres? any pics? cheers dan
  11. RS6

    Boot badge for the leon says cupra?

    What do people think of putting the cupra badge on the leon? is it a leon badge you can get or just straight off the cupra? newbie asking lol
  12. GTI 16v badge

    Hi is anyone selling a Front Gti16v badge that goes on the grill of a mk2? let me know cheers!
  13. seantdi

    black badge ??

    done up this today. yes or no??
  14. Stiglet

    Front Badge Removal

    Hi there this has probably been on before but please excuse me as im new to all this. id like to take the front seat badge of my car. is it easy to do and how do tou do it please? do you need a replacement grill of anything ? i did my fiesta once and was a nightmare coz it has fixings welded...
  15. Measurement of back ibiza badge 2006-2007?

    Hi there, Would someone please with a 2006-2007 Seat Ibiza measure how far exactly their rear I B I Z A emblem is from the bottm of the boot. So thats from the bottom of the boot, to the bottom of the letters, Thank you so much!
  16. badge advice

    does removing the fr badges on the wing of a mk1 leon leave a hole? or is it just stuck by adhesive? thanks
  17. beechey

    r badge

    im after 3 of them any idea how much at seat??
  18. Benzy

    Seat badge front and back

    iv seen in quite a few piccies that the seat badge on the front and read are black and i think this really looks 'the shizz' this could be a stupid question but is it just a case of rubbing it down and giving it a spray with some paint or have most people replaced it with a new grill that...
  19. seat badge

    please help....... my badge on the front grille got pushed through . managed to retrive it but wonderd how to get the grill off soi can replace the badge... leon mk2:confused:
  20. Where do buy seat grille badge?

    Anyone know where to buy a Seat grille badge for the mk 4 ibiza? For sale sign blown across road, hits grille smashes badge off = fail! I was not driving though lol. Went back could not find badge anywhere so need to buy one, and the local Seat dealership is not exactly local ! thanks in...
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