1. Syphon

    New 2021 OEM Quality Copper Car Badges (Group buy now live)

    After our popular limited run of fifty high quality chrome badges and plenty of interest in another batch this time in copper we're now taking pre-orders. We need fifty pre-paid orders We need to reach fifty paid orders to make this viable as the supplier has a minimum order value. What if we...
  2. chrome mirrors?

    hi i have a silver leon and was thinking of getting the chrome mirror covers, do you think its worth it on a silver car?? cant find any pics of them on my car.
  3. gemini

    A3 (8L) dial chrome rings - will fit?

    As the Mk1 Leon shares some parts with the A3 (8L chassis) like the dashboard, I started wondering the chrome rings will fit too...
  4. Booya

    Pic request - Black LCR with chrome wing mirror covers

    Seen as I can't find any carbon fibre ones I have lost all patience :cry: Any pics to give me an idea of how it would look with chrome ones (easy to get) would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Chrome parts list

    hello all, Could i get a list of all the chrome parts for my ibiza cheers
  6. Anybody know of any good headlights( not chavy chrome tho)

    Ive been lookin at the devil eye headlights with the audi stlye led strip underneath, i think they look pretty good but they are quite expensive and can only seem to find then in LHD ?? If anyones knows of any good ones let me know :D
  7. Magic black LCR with Black Chrome Wheels

    Hi, Is there anyone on here thats got a magic black (pref LCR) with black chrome wheels? Wondering how it looks? Had a go at using the search button, but soon got boared as is brought up every and anything with the word black in if Cheer Chris
  8. How can I paint my wheels with Hyperblack / Shadow Chrome / Black Chrome

    Hi people! Just searched the "whole" internet and didn't get an answer, How can I paint my wheels with Hyperblack/Shadow Chrome/Black Chrome? Is there any company that sells a spray can with that color? (for example: Motip, Duplicolor) The color is: (well .. I can't post links...
  9. kidinspace

    Attaching Chrome Centre Grill

    I have a Chrome Surround for my centre grill to fit today and was wandering what is best to stick it on with? Do I need to "prime" the existing plastic before hand to get a good bond? .G.
  10. GregLCR04

    LCR Wheels Refurbished- Black Chrome!

    Finally decided to get my wheels refurbished. Got them done yesterday. Sorry about the pic quality, taken on my phone. Got them done at a specialist in East Kilbride (near Glasgow). They are black chrome. this involves painting the wheel in black then spray painting the front...
  11. jezyg

    Fitting Golf GT Chrome Mirror Switch to a Leon

    Not sure if anybody has looked into this mod but does any one know if it will fit or have the part number for the chrome switch in the current Golf GT? Looks like a nice and simple mod to put in the Leon add a touch of class.
  12. flegz16

    spraying chrome wing mirrors. HOW?????

    hello, i have a cupra and with it having standard chrome mirrors am wanting them cc. gave them to my mate last night so he can do them at work and he is having a really hard time doing it because the paint wont grip. so he wants to no if anyone has done it, how did they do it? :confused: did...
  13. truss

    painting a grill with chrome surround

    Im not very knowledgable about paiting stuff and need some advice. Basically i want the centre grill surround and the 'S' to be black. How do i go about painting it? i assume that the chrome finish needs removing, if so how do i do this?
  14. Luna Grey, Chrome Wing Mirror Caps?

    :blink:Hi everyone, I've had my Leon FR now for a year. I still have the standard wing mirror caps on it but they are not shiny enough for my liking!!! I have purchased some chrome ones but I'm not sure if they'll look right. Has anyone got any pictures of a Luna Grey Leon with Chrome caps on...
  15. chrisbond69

    chrome suggestions

    Ive been told theres a minimum order price on the chrome oompany i want to use so any suggestions on any items i should get coated within reason?
  16. KingAnt

    Chrome pipes under the hood?

    Hi guys I was just wondering were to buy chrome pipes for under the bonnet to make it look better, i would like one for the induction kit so it is nearer the battery and any other bog pipes - do any of you have this or had to get custom pipes made, im basically after pollished chrome pipes with...
  17. Cleaning the chrome bits...

    Hi All, Can someone recommend how to clean up all the chrome finish plated plastic bits like the SEAT/Ibiza/FR badges. I notice there appears to be small areas of tarnish, particularly on the boot badges, presumably from all the winter salt etc. that gets sucked up onto the boot lid...
  18. chrome on front ??

    Is it possible or indeed has anyone actually fitted chrome "mesh" to the front on their Leon instead of the honeycomb stuff? I was talking to a friend of mine today and looking at his car and I like the look, OK he has a XKR that was probably £60K+ but I think it might work, not that I'll try...
  19. Chrome interior parts

    I currently have Air vents Sport gear stick Gear stick surround Pedals Handbrake cover What else is there, i have heard that there is a stereo and climate control surround. I am thinking of getting the dial surrounds but i have to take them out first to fit, not too confident in doing that.
  20. Chrome dial surrounds

    How do i fit these, do i need to take the dashboard out to get behind the dials or does that just pull away and i can get behind. Any help would be great.
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