cupra 1.8

  1. NathyPhillips

    N20THP - Clean MK1 LCR (Platinum Grey)

    Hi All, I've probably gone a bit over the top adding the Service & MOT detail but i thought it is about time i do a build thread for my car so I can look back at progress and appreciate the car in years to come, but also to share with all of you. Hopefully you can all appreciate the car as I...
  2. 1.2turd

    If anyone is looking for a active forum...

    So if anyone wants to join a active fb forum (most of you are probably already in it) its called ibizaownersclub and it has 22,000 people in it. Answers to questions are almost instant and compared to this website its a massive help and also community too. See you guys there
  3. 1.2turd

    2016 cupra Airbox removal

    Hi guys, ive recently bought a cold air intake system that i want to fit myself, but i have no instructions to help with the process, so basically how the f**k do i remove the standard system. Cheers
  4. New member, old (ish) car

    Evening everybody. Thought I’d sign up and take a look at the Seat world. I’ve owned a dozen or so BMWs (sorry) and and handful of Mazdas, including a couple of RX-8s and an MX-5 but came across a 2005 Ibiza Cupra when I sold my last RX-8. So I’ve taken this Cupra as p/x and plan to sell it...
  5. 1.2turd

    1.8tsi cupra topspeed?

    Just wondering what speeds you guys have hit? I know the the topspeeds 146 but i had 140 on about 4.5k revs so im assuming the top speed could easily be past 150? Cars standard btw. Cheers
  6. 1.2turd

    Real MPG on 1.8TSI cupra??

    Hi all, Had my ibiza cupra for about a month now. So i think my average MPG has settled and its currently 30.1Mpg. What figures are you guys getting? I do drive it hard now and again but i wouldnt think it was enough to warrant that MPG, also i put £40 of super unleaded in and had 250 miles for...
  7. 1.2turd

    Resonator delete 2016 ibiza cupra tsi

    Hi all, was just speaking to a mate and he said he has had his resonator deleted from his golf R and his warranty is still valid, does my car have a resonator to delete and also will the garage be able to find out? Cheers
  8. 1.2turd

    Recently bought a 1.8 tsi cupra. Garage says its remapable under warranty?

    So recently i bought a cupra, the garage i had it from (carshop) told me i could remap it without voiding any warranty? I asked like 3 times to make sure lol but he insisted as long as its just a map, below stage 3 and no other parts get changed etc it will be covered by warranty, so my question...
  9. 2001 seat Leon cupra clutch pedal fell to the floor

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum, I brought a 2001 seat Leon cupra a couple of months ago and everything has been fine. I went to stay round my partners house last night and my clutch was fine the whole way there. I then went to leave this morning and as I put my foot on the clutch it just fell...
  10. New - Owner of 2016 Ibiza Cupra Black

    Hi, new to this forum... first question straight off the bat, I’m thinking of lowering it to start off some much wanted modifications, but it’s a struggle trying to find some decent advice on which springs to use, I want to keep the budget fairly low but at the same time I want what’s best for...
  11. What mods can I do??

    Seat Leon Cupra R 1.8t I’ve just bought this, it’s already mapped and getting 251 on a dyno, it’s got a pop and bang map on it but I wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions that can kit it out a bit more? Thanks!
  12. Seat Leon Cupra 1.8t 20 valve intermittent coolant leak at front drivers side.

    I have just resurrected my Seat Cupra 1.8 20 valve turbo. It’s been sat for a year but moved every few weeks and tyres kept inflated. It went for an MOT and failed on the emissions so I replaced the cat and lambda sensors bank 1 and 2. It then passed the MOT (happy days!). I’ve been driving it...
  13. tweeters size ibiza cupra 1.8 2016?

    hi ya all, my front tweeters (above the windows) has fried, does anyone knows what's size of tweeters do i need for me to replace it so it'll fit inside the panel? any recommendations on specific model?
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