cupra r

  1. Sourcing rear back seat lock mech

    Hi all My Cupra R mk1 225 has failed it's MOT on the rear back seat lock mechanism. My local garage has contact Seat and tried various car parts shops but can't source one. Does anyone know where I could buy one? Failing that, does anyone have a part number? Finally if I'm unable to source one...
  2. The Daily Meme

    Cupra R / R ST Air Intake Trims

    Had a look around on the web and found lots of splitter kits and wide body kits etc. Does anyone know where I could find the trim that goes around wehre the fog lights are on the Cupra R or the R ST? I like the gloss black bit, not the copper bit. I am considering removing the fog light...
  3. vwtrev

    'As New' Mk1 LCR Stage 2 Uprated Kevlar Clutch kit

    As the title says: Stage 2 Kevlar clutch kit (made by Black Diamond Performance) for VW group cars (listed below). Good for upto around 300 BHP. Photos on eBay but price cheaper for members so PM me here. Fast Road / Trackday. Condition...
  4. Mannyb


    Looking to sell my beloved Cupra R in platinum grey, bought the car with 67500miles in 2016 and now on 73500 miles. Car has just had an MOT yesterday and mechanics couldn't believe how good condition it was in, low mileage and always been looked after regardless of cost. Car has never been...
  5. MK3 Cupra R Plate serial number

    Hello Guys, Ibiza Cupra R MK3 was a limited edition to about 200 units. Can someone tell me if the Mk3 Cupra R was a plate with the serial number? I've heard it was a keychain. If someone has a photo it would be great.
  6. Smyg

    Project Cupra ST 2019

    Hey SCN! :wave: How is everyone doing? Call me SMYG. Proud owner of a 2018/2019 Seat Leon Cupra ST 2.0TSI 4Drive DSG 300 (stupidly long name :whistle:) My project car for 2019 is to create the best looking Seat Leon ST Cupra in Sweden. (See further down below for the "To Do"-list) ¤ When I...
  7. Project1P

    Chris's MK2 Cupra R

    4 months late on this. Bought this lovely 61 plate Cupra R back in August, had a budget of 10K, so it was quite a challenge to find one in a colour I liked, avg mileage, reasonable condition and not too far away - I've achieved most of that list. It had 85K miles when I got it, a bit high for...
  8. Seat leon cupra r exhaust downpipe fitting lcr1 2003

    Hi, There are a couple of threads on here about this but no real answers... My LCR1 started blowing from the flexi joint on the exhaust downpipe so I bought an upgrade. After a significant amount of time with an angle grinder on the rushed remains of some bolts and a lot of messing around, I...
  9. MK1 Cupra R Hybrid Turbo

    hi need some advise on where to get a k04 hybrid turbo and how much they are? looking at a venom hybrid turbo they seem good and are a good price
  10. JBRADY95

    Fan Upgrade/Change

    I have a cupra R and the fan hasnt yet kicked in so im assuming theres a fault somewhere with it, however before i go digging or replacing anything, I am wondering if theres any better setups. I have removed A/C so dont need that fan anymore, but has anyone upgraded their fan? Also is the...
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