1. jonjay

    2002 BMW 330D Detailed: my mate dave

    Tender love and care with a BMW 330D ----- Mrs Dav3 purchased this 330D BMW for a stonking price. Mechanically sound but needing some TLC my mate Dav3 contacted me to see if I could help. I couldn’t have been happier to oblige. Here is how the car turned up...
  2. BammerTime!

    I can have my very own meets now. :D Quick pics in the rain... Seat Alhambra 140 Tdi Stylance. Paprika Red. One owner, 73k. Full Seat service history. Nice Spec: · six-speed gearbox · driver’s and front passenger’s airbags (with passenger airbag disconnect) · front...
  3. Dinky Dave in practical perfomance car magazine

    just picked up my copy of practical perfomance car magazine and your beasty was in there! although they did call it kiwi green and not kiwi yellow!!! the sheep avoidance story sounded pretty mental too!!!!!
  4. PhilW

    Dinky Dave's Ibiza Pics - PIC HEAVY!

    Took these yesterday, using a Sony A100 DSLR, mostly with the standard 18-70mm kit lens and a circular polizer filter. Some pics were taken using a 35-105mm minolta lens and CPL filter. Hope theyre alright Dave. :think:
  5. Mylo

    who stole my remap ? maybe found the fault at last

    as DPJ and a couple of others know, I had a bit of trouble last summer with my remapped LC. The leon spent a week with SEAT trying to find the source of my boost problems. Various tests and tweaks were done and in the end a sticking actuator led to the turbo being replaced. After that the...
  6. WRC on Dave Confusion

    Hi, What the hell is happening on Dave? I'm sure WRC used to be on at the weekend for 1 hour. Now when I look it's on for 2 half hours and an hour. What am I meant to be watching to get coverage of the big boys as the one I recorded only covered the Juniors.
  7. cheungy

    Dave's Little 1.4 TSI LEON MK2 (Warning Pic Heavy)

    08 1.4 TSI Seat Leon MK2 Stylance / Sports Pack / Black Magic Quite a chunk about my car's information and also about the TSI engine hope its all readable! Something I put together within an hour or so, I couldn't sleep during that time so thought I kill some time by starting this off...
  8. Davem

    Dave's Ibiza Cupra mk3 *KO3s & a touch of Custom Code*

    After selling my cammed Vts in search of turbo power i settled on a Ibiza Cupra mk3. After a month or two of searching i came across one on Autotrader with 14k on the clocks. 1 Previous owner who was a middle aged female. Fully serviced every year and full MOT on it. Left a deposit monday...
  9. Dave_R

    iTB Ibiza Cupra 16v Track Toy - Engine Rebuild, Aero & More Page 73+

    Within a weekend of having my car I had booked it into Dragon Tinting for the windows to be tinted, with having this sort of colour dark tints to hide behind come in handy :blush2: On the pics you can also so the slot cut out of the rear splitter and the faded "Cupra Sport" decals
  10. Following on from DAVE FR PD130's thread.

    i've just read through his paint restoration thread.....from the pictures i am very impressed! I have a question or two though, so thought rather than spoil his thread....i'd start a new one. Firstly, my car is a yellow 02' plate LCR...the paintwork has faded in places, this fading is...
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