1. What Exhaust/Manifold to get?

    first time driver here so i don’t wanna hear to just switch to a cupra, i would if i could but i’m trying to do my 1.616v up as nice as my bank allows, and i’ve heard 4-1 manifold and exhaust is a good shout, as mines is quite quiet atm and is in need of a new exhaust anyway any recommendations...
  2. George Vinten

    Back Box delete

    Hello, ive removed the centre box on my 2020 Leon Cupra and it sounds a load better....but I’d still like it to be louder. Can anyone recommend the best kit delete kit. And as I won’t always want it really loud (e.g late at night in residential areas) does anyone know of an aftermarket solenoid...
  3. VAGsport Resonator Delete

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether the version 1 of the VAGsport res delete will fit to a cupra 290, as i’ve bought that version however i’ve seen on other forums that version 1 only fits to 280’s? Bare in mind I only found out that info after i’d bought the part.
  4. Twizzah

    Exhaust for 1.4TSI

    I’m looking for an exhaust system as currently i’m getting leaf blower vibes. I have a 66 plate 3 door 150bhp DSG. I was about to buy a scorpion exhaust but apparently they have discontinued it, and i really can’t fork out 780£ for milltek. Any response would be great thank you peeps
  5. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33698.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca quad Akrapovic Exhausts
  6. Andreas Panayiotou

    Leon FR 1.5tsi Exhaust

    Hello. I have a Leon FR 2019 with 1.5tsi DSG. I would like to ask if you suggest to remove resonator and rear box and replace them with plain pipes. Will sound be good or will sound ****? Likewise, is there a chance to have problems with emmisions? *I know that the best solution is to buy a...
  7. New member looking for advice re res delete or other ideas

    Got a 2019 Leon Cupra Lux DSG on 4 yr lease. 11mths in and still no decent exhaust noise and never any of DSG sounds I see others talk of. Considering options I see a Res Delete is popular. What have others done who have the same car as me ? Did you order a part then get a local garage to sort...
  8. Jez


    Hello all, My name is Jez, I'm from the UK. I've recently brought a 2018 Leon FR ST 1.4 TSI 150bhp. Finally made the transition to a dad car! I really like the car but just wish there was some more noise from the exhaust. I have searched google, this forum and youtube looking for exhaust mods...
  9. Exhaust sound

    Hi, I am thinking of trying to get some noise on my Leon Supercopa 170, I'm finding it hard to know what i need to do to my exhaust in order to achieve a good sound. Do i need a dpf delete? Does the exhaust need to be straight through? At the moment the car is extremely quiet! I have seen the...
  10. Cupra 300 ST 2wd Res Delete

    Great condition, fitted for just over a year. Great sound without the drone VagSport https://progressiveparts.com/vagsport-seat-leon-cupra-300-resonator-delete-pipe-kit Version 2 which seems to be Yr 2018+ £60 pick up from derbyhire £70 inc postage (uk mainland) Also have a TMC Motorsport...
  11. Cupra 300 - Zaustworx res delete pipe and adapter

    This replaces the mid resonator box on a Seat Cupra 300 from 2017 to early 2018. This is for the hatch back 2 wheel drive variant. It is brand new and never fitted. Its made from 304 grade stainless steel. It comes with a fitting clamp AND an extra adapter piece to accommodate larger or...
  12. 1.2turd

    1.8tsi 30-70mph times

    Just wondering if anyone has figures that i can compare too. My cupra regularly done 5.3-5.5seconds 30-70mph stock. and with my CAI and exhaust its now doing 4.7 quite consistently. Ive noticed that REVO's figures are very close to mine in stock and that im 0.2 secs faster than their stage one...
  13. The Daily Meme

    Show me your exhaust tips (Cupra Hatch)

    Looking to get an idea of what people have done to their exhaust besides res deletes. I have seen a lot of modifcations for the ST but have only seen one post where someone has changed the tips on the 5 door hatch. Can we make this similar to the splitter thread? I followed a Cupra this...
  14. Uncle_Bob

    Exhaust by Courier - Weight / Who to use / Cost

    So I've tried searching Google and the forum but can't find the information I'm after... Has anyone on the forum used a courier for delivery a full exhaust system? :blink: I would like to know the approx weight? So I can get some quotes... If anyone has done this before could you tell me who...
  15. Younes

    Scorpion Catback vs Milltek catback

    Hello there guys! Im a new Seat Leon Cupra ST (2019 4drive) owner. And im looking for a new catback exhaust. I have been checking out Milltek non resonated catback with quad GT black exhaust tips, but they are kinda expensive, and then i friend told me about Scorpion exhausts. So wich one do...
  16. 1.2turd

    Resonator delete 2016 ibiza cupra tsi

    Hi all, was just speaking to a mate and he said he has had his resonator deleted from his golf R and his warranty is still valid, does my car have a resonator to delete and also will the garage be able to find out? Cheers
  17. Rookiereece

    New Exhaust system / DPF removal 1.6TDI

    If you've read the title you know how moronic i am, But I was wondering if anyone has experience with exhausts on the SE model. I really dislike having no tailpipes and I'm considering getting rid of the DPF because of the hassle involved. Thanks
  18. Shane94

    Any decent exhausts that fill fit the standard 6l1 bumper?

    The exhaust fits in behind the bumper and is hidden from view and doesn't like it would fit any standard exhausts without cutting the bumper.
  19. freddiefinn

    1.4 TSI FR Resonator / Front Silencer Delete. Any ideas?

    Hi Forum, Looking at making my little 1.4TSI FR a bit louder, I've seen a few videos online of resonator deletes on the 1.4 6J Cupras and FRs and they sound quite good! Only problem is finding a place that can manufacture the pipe. I'm happy to fit it myself (as i've done with my previous VAG...
  20. Rhaizaos

    Leon Twin Pipe Exhaust

    Hi everyone, first timer here Does anyone know if the Twin Pipe Dual Exhaust (5F0072000G) has any valves system? That you could open in sport mode and make a hell lot more noise? Also does anyone with the 1.5 TSI managed to get one installed? Here there is only the 1.4 available and I can't...