1. sick2death

    towing eye

    My front towing eye is missing out of my spare :( I need to tow the car on Tuesday, I have one option of borrowing one from someone with an LCR, but I dont really know him. Does anyone know if anyother eye will fit on the socket of an LCR? Like a Golf? thanks
  2. Angel Eye type lamps

    Does anyone out there know if you can fit the angle type lamps to the Toledo Mk3, just wondering as I have always been a fan. Or maybe even the Audi style LED lamps? Any idea's would be great!!!!:D
  3. Tow eye loop

    hi guys. in need of some mega help. Basically have been looking desperatley for a canvas tow eye loop(like what you can find on a silver mk4 golf in fast car recently) hes got an orrange one. The only one i can find is a red one on ebay and was looking for different coloured ones. Maybie black...
  4. Towing eye cover on rear bumper

    Anyone any ideas where I can get the plastic cover that goes over the towing eye on the rear bumper. Did not realise it was loose and it has fallen off! Cheers
  5. TSL 333

    Rear towing eye cover

    Are the small metal retaining clips available from Seat? Photos below for ease of reference:
  6. nvidia

    Front towing eye??

    ok so i can't start my car because the alternator's ribbed belt is broken, and i need to tow my car to garage, but after i looked at my manual, and mine is FR, and the front bumper is different to the one the manual, n it says on manual remove the right cover of the inferior part of the front...
  7. nuts

    Angel eye lights

    Anyone got some of these? What are they like?
  8. angel eye question

    hello, the standard 3v t-shape bulbs for the 4 -HALO RINGS- on angel eyes aren't one bit visible in the daytime so ive been looking around but i cant seem to find SKY BLUE AND BRIGHT replacement bulbs for it but i know they are avalible because a few people have them does any body here have...
  9. Eye brows ???

    Hi, was just wondering if anywhere actually make eye brows for ibiza mk2 ?? Or if a saxo pair of brows would fit, the headlights look kind of simular thanks
  10. BBoy82

    BAM code... Help identify this hose, and keep an eye on yours!

    Hi guys. I was having a poke and prod about my engine yesterday, just to check over hoses, and found one had split! It starts at the top of the throttle body, goes up towards the head, under the plastic cover, through a non-return valve, and up to a T-piece at the top of the bay. One end...
  11. where is a mk2 ibiza towing eye?

    sounds silly but i cannot find a front towing eye or any hole to screw one into :shrug:
  12. A5HL3Y

    My tow eye had a battering

    [:@] my mrs had the car yday and went over them flap type speed bumps and the clucker ripped my tow eye cover off and after she heard the noise and before she could stop to get it someone turned it into a muller corner and its not salvagable[:@] just ordered a new one from the local £5.37...
  13. mikey_b

    Angel eye lights

    Just wanted know whats the diffrence between the eu and uk angel lights for the mk1 leon...
  14. keany19

    Back Towing Eye Cover On Back Bumper

    Does anyone know hoe much these are as mine has gone missing, dont know if anyone has nicked it or it has fallen off!
  15. killer205

    angel eye lights

    dose any one know where to get a set of black/smoked angel eye lights from for the ibiza 1998 2.0 16v all i can find is the chrome i can not find the smoked ones any where cheers
  16. ringer

    Fitted my angel eye headlights,what you think?

    Brought the angel eye projector headlights awhile ago but never fitted them due to the l;ittle crash i had,so got the car back from the garage couple of days ago and thought ill fit them. I brought the chrome not knowing they done black ones,im not to sure of them yet.sometimes i look at them...
  17. Angel Eye Headlights

    Hi Guys, Just wondering whether any of you guys have any views or experience with Angel Eye headlamps on the Cupra R? I have found a set from the following website and would like some advice before purchasing them, thanks:confused:. Red Leon Cupra R 225:)
  18. Can anyone help me find a towing eye ccover?!

    I just can't seem to get one for my Cupra.... It's the pre facelift model and it's on the front driver's side. Had no luck with Seat :( Car looks stupid lol.
  19. briggd01

    Rear Towing Eye Cover

    Lost my Rear Towing Eye Cover yesterday after running over some old rope on the M'way :cry: Give Seat Parts a buzz, £5.76 sir - cool :) Oh and the £55 + VAT Paint Cost to match the part onto your car [:@] Ordered part and will now propably get the local fred in the shed to paint!
  20. Smart22186

    Cheap angel eye e-bay

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=280109811477&rd=1&rd=1 ok so it depends on bids, but just incase ppl didnt know it was there i thought i'd advertise it for you, 2hours to go £60
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