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fr 184

  1. Leon Fr 184 coolant loss after DPF regen

    Hi, I have a 64 plate Seat Leon Fr 184hp, the coolant is lost after every dpf regen and I have no heat from the vents. I assumed it was the heater matrix.. However I did a Head Gasket test and the water changed from dark blue to a darkish green colour. I’m not sure if its worth getting a...
  2. FR MK3 2.0 184 oil temperature

    Hi all. Apologies if this has already come up. I've seen a couple of similar posts but nothing quite the same. My oil temperature when driving normal is between 90 and 100 celcius. When driving it hard after 10-30 minutes it would run up to 115 ish but then come back down to earth at 95-100...
  3. Blue FRost

    Leon FR184 2.0 Diesel unknown sound

    Good evening all. I have a 16 plate Leon FR184 Diesel hatchback and am enjoying every second of owning it. However lately I have noticed this odd noise when the engine is started (cold engine only) and then when car gets to its normal temperature no noise is present. I am struggling to find...
  4. Seat Leon 2.OTDI FR 65 Plate - No Heat

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could give me some advice or tips to try before i take my car to the garage. I am getting next to no heat from my heaters in my car where do i start? I have a plugin ODBII i can use via an APP i can try later, is there anything else i can look at/try? Cheers, Mooney.
  5. JamieFR184

    2015 Leon Fr 184 idling noise

    Hi all, I have a 2015 Leon Fr 184 and noticed this noise today while the engine is idling. It drives fine but just thought this didn’t sound right. Anyone else have the same noise or know if something could be wrong ? Thanks in advance
  6. Coolant loss from tank on motorway journeys or high speeds

    Hi, I am new to this. So sorry in advance if I seem like a noob. So I recently bought a 2014 Seat Leon FR 184 model. It was a company owned car and has done about 120 k. I am the 1st real private owner. The company have maintained the car well according to the service stamps provided to myself...
  7. Alorjosh

    New Leon mk3 fr st pick up on Saturday!!

    Hey people, love there’s a group for these cars. Always a good sign of decent car when the groups are big. I purchased a Alor blue Leon fr st 184 and I pick it up on Saturday from th dealer. Looking for subtle modifications interior and exterior and maybe picking the power up slightly. First...
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