Leon Fr 184 coolant loss after DPF regen


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May 11, 2019

I have a 64 plate Seat Leon Fr 184hp, the coolant is lost after every dpf regen and I have no heat from the vents. I assumed it was the heater matrix..

However I did a Head Gasket test and the water changed from dark blue to a darkish green colour.
I’m not sure if its worth getting a heater matrix or just selling the car, don’t really want to replace a head gasket

did anyone have similar issues? I think there are threads around about coolant loss, but nothing about the head gasket test showing green.



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Jan 28, 2020
How confident are you on the HG being gone? Any other signs? My mate did a test on his overheating Integra once and it showed the gasket gone. Sent it to Honda who diagnosed a faulty thermostat and sent him on his way, ignoring the HG issue. Never had a problem after that. So wouldn't always trust those kits.

My car loses coolant after a dpf regen in traffic, so it can go missing there. No heat? possibly the blocked heater matrix. I removed my silikat bag from the header tank and have started to change the coolant. Each weekend i empty the header tank with a turkey baster (i kid you not) and refill with new coolant. Will take a while, but wont have to worry about silikat or changing the coolant as the car approaches 5 years. Its a bastid of a system to change the coolant in one go and burp it.

I believe i have seen people buying the parts online for the matrix and doing it themselves and saving hundreds of quid.

Hope this helps.


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Jun 17, 2020
My old a1 2.0tdi used to drink coolant after a dpf, turned out the heater matrix had exploded, a massive hole were it goes threw the bulkhead, changed it my self took around 2 hours, woukd have been alot quicker but them pipes are a right bitch to get off
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