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  1. Hydraulic Lifters

    Hi Guy's , Was hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. Im in urgent need of 16 Hydraulic lifters for my ABF Powered Seat Ibiza Cupra Sports 2.0 16V & and exhaust manifold gasket? Part numbers and a site in which I can buy the stuff from. Parts are so hard to get down...
  2. Turbo blown - Hydraulic Lock!!! Help!

    Ok then I have a seat leon tdi 110 se 97000 miles Mk1. Escuse me as I dont have much mechanical knowledge but I will have a go. 3500 revs in 2nd gear doing approx 40 - 45mph, loose power and smoke coming from exhaust eventually after approx 200 yards lost all power and cut out. RAC man...
  3. bmb779

    hydraulic tappets

    Anybody have an idea how to remove 2 hydraulic tappets stuck in a 1.9tdi pd engine,timing belt broke and wrecked the valves but unable to remove 2 of the tappets as they are sitting below the level of the head casting.
  4. LMJ

    Hydraulic Bonnet Openers?

    Can you get them? Seen them on a few polos, wouldnt mind a pair of them. Anyone have them on their Beezers? Let me know anyway :) Thanks!
  5. Hydraulic tappets?

    Can anyone tell me if the tappets inn the 1.0 engine are hydraulic? Started the arosa a few days ago after sitting idle for a while and it sounded horrible!
  6. supercuprar

    is the clutch on a 2004 lcr hydraulic ?

    is the clutch on a 2004 lcr a hydrolic one ? mine seems to have gone , pedal has gone all light and with engine running and pedal fully depressed you cant select any gears ....
  7. Implausible Signal ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)

    hi yesterday ı got abs and asr lıght on my dash ı checked my car vıa vagcom and the fault code ıs thıs ... VAG-COM Version: Release 311.2-N Control Module Part Number: 1C0 907 379 D Component and/or Version: ASR FRONT MK60 0103 Software Coding: 0021505...
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