1. mapping a leon cupra in northern ireland?

    Hi guys and girls, im new on here as i have only got a leon cupra. im after info on who you would recommend to map my car for me near ballymena?? thanks
  2. looking to by a leon cupra R, i live in ireland

    i only know 1 guy that has 1 and hes not selling it
  3. Good remap experiance in Northern Ireland?

    anyone know anywhere good to go to get a remap for a TDI in northern ireland, i havent heard any good or bad storys about anyone and theres no one close at hand to me over here so ill have to travel anyway, just want to make sure its not a monkey pawing and breaking my car. [:@] much...
  4. Cruise Control Needs activated - Ireland?

    Hi all, I installed cruise control retrofit today with a friend. His diagnostics computer doesn't have the option to activate the cruise control stalk....need VAG-COM. :cry: Is there anyone out there that could help me out? Just need access to vag-com for 5 minutes to turn on the cruise...
  5. cupra_r_04

    Any good mapper's in northern ireland

    I'm looking into getting my car remapped,i've had the revo demo on it already so i need to get my ecu set back to the original setting's and get it remapped again.Can anybody recommened a good mapper in North or South Ireland.Any other suggestions welcome. Cheer's
  6. Anyone know a good detailer in northern ireland?

    Hi guys, Anyone know of any good car detailers in Northern ireland Area? I live in North Antrim area so closest would be best. My leon needs a good polish to take minor swirl marks out but want it done by a pro.:) Thanks for any replys
  7. Any other LCR owners in Northern Ireland

    As title says I have a 55 reg LCR in platinum grey. What you got?
  8. WRC Rally Ireland 2007

    WRC Rally Ireland 2007 takes place from the 15th - 18th November 2007, its the first ever WRC visit to Ireland and is the penultimate round in the 2007 calendar. With Marcus Gronholm and Sebastian Loeb separated by only 10 points the championship could be decided on Irish soil! Im heading across...
  9. Bought a 2005 Plate ALtea Stylance (Ireland) Question?

    Hi Guys, I just bought a 1.9tdi Stylance 34,000 klms on the clock but one thing I have noticed is the cd heat unit dosnt seem to want to play mp3's, I presume I have a version of the unit that just cant its got the factory fitted double din radio. Any way to check serial number or model to...
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