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  1. High Level Brake lamp

    Good Morning, I need to replace the high level brake lamp in my 2001 Leon. I have got a replacement but need some advice please as to how to access the spoiler fixings witht he minimum of damage ! I have had a look for the first time at the forums (fora?) today but have failed miserably...
  2. L14M_T

    Fog Lamp Wiring Harness

    i have found this retrofit harness for a 9N polo can anyone confirm that they are the same as the 6L ibiza as ive bought the switch and fitted the foglamps to the bumper. http://www.carmediauk.com/store/111-VW-Polo-9N-Fog-Light-Wiring-Harness.html and if anyones wondering if im gonna update the...
  3. Cupranation

    Glovebox Lamp

    I know this is a very trivial post, but I just realised that there is no light in the glovebox! There is a hole in the top where it should go but no sign of the lamp/bulb holder itself. :shrug: Have I been robbed at some point or are they all like this? :blink:
  4. JR750

    Front Lamp Bulbs where from?

    Do I need specific bulbs to my 03 Ibiza MK4? Mine stopped working last night, the largest/one in the middle. Are they available from Halfords? Cheers
  5. Black residue and oil pressure lamp - HELP

    Hopefully someone can help me, for the last couple of months my oil pressure warning lamp has been flashing on occasionally when I am sitting in traffic. It beeps and flashes 3 times as soon as I hit 1500 revs and then stays on until the rev counter reaches 2000 revs in 2nd or 3rd gear, at which...
  6. cupra!

    What are the 97 Cupra GTi head lamp bulbs

    I am buying some new Xenon 5000K Ice white bulbs and need to know what are the bulbs in the facelift gti 97 cupra as i hear they are twin lamps? I think i remember them having the following per headlamp. 1XH7, 2XH1 and1x501. Is this correct? would much appreciate any help.
  7. White Fog Lamp Bulbs?

    Hi People, I have a 6000k HID kit fitted on my car but my fog lamps are still yellow when turned on can you buy white bulbs for these so they match my HID's?
  8. Boot lamp

    I need a lamp for the boot as for some reason mine hasn't got one. Apart from being dark, it's getting difficult to find things at this time of year (dead bodies, illegal immigrants etc :whistle:) So in order to prepare for a trip to the local scrap yard, which other VAG product has the Leon...
  9. luckymjr

    change the halogen lamp , no thanks

    Hi all . I had a halogen lamp blow the other day on my cordy TDI 130 :cry: After reading many horror stories about changing these bulbs on the seat range , mainly due to access , i decided to bite the bullet and take it to my local steelers :shrug: 15 minutes later the bulb was...
  10. C11PRA DC

    Number Plate Lamp Bulbs?!

    Hi all, Both number plate lamp bulbs have gone and as I'll be driving in the dark later I need to replace them (or at least have the replacements in the car!). Please can someone tell me what type/code these are so I can get some from Halfords at lunch! Thanks! DC
  11. Oil lamp flashes on and off

    I have a leon 2000 but the other day the oil lamp came on so checked the oil level and i topped it up OVER the max line [about 15mm]. The light still keeps flashing on and off! Is because I have filled too much or maybe something else? Would the light stop flashing if I took that extra oil...
  12. G2232

    fog lamp

    Where's the best place to get a driverside fog lamp from? some howmines manged to get cracked
  13. Problem with my Toledo 1.8T - Warning lamp on dash

    Last August during a warm spell, I noticed that one of my warning lamps had lit up on the dash. It was the far right, middle row lamp which the book describes as... "Diagnosis* / Excess of Pollution" This pilot light lights up when the ignition is switched on as a testing device and goes out...
  14. sargey

    Puddle lamp problem?!?

    I have the dodgiest drivers side puddle lamp. Sometimes it decides not to work. My mate noticed it today, i know its not the most serious thing in the world but his Golf GTi Turbo has just had to have both sides, new door catches as his were not working! If i was to put the key back into the...
  15. j.a.kelly

    w8 lamp issues

    does anyone have a guide of how to fit the w8 reading lamp? I had a guide, but i followed it to the letter and it seems not to work!! anyone able to help? iv done a search but uncovered nothing :( Basically, from what i remember, i couldnt get the LED's to light up with the lights on, and...
  16. excess pollution lamp flashing and irregular engine

    Hi all, recently purchased an 02 Leon. This morning the diagnosis*/excess pollution lamp started flashing and the engine started to turn over slightly irregularly. Does anyone know what causes this and how it can be resolved. I've had the car less than 2 months so am very concerned...
  17. Recurring Emission Fault Lamp Illumination

    My emmision fault lamp comes on around 200 miles after being reset by the stealer. I've had an air sensor changed and secondary air pump changed but the same fault appears and the stealer has run out of ideas on how to rectify this fault. Their next idea is to change all the breathers on the...
  18. Installing of Baggage door lamp.

    Hi. Help me to install lamp into Ibiza's baggage. I saw this thread in some spain site. But i dont understand spanish and lost the link :blink: . If somebody did it in his Beeza or knows how can i stretch it ? Thanks ! P.S Somebody have the DIY links for IBIZA mk4 ? :redface:
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