leon mk3

  1. CM94

    EPC & Engine Management Light On?

    Hello all! Hope you've had a good weekend! I'll try to keep it short. 1.8tsi Leon MK3 17 plate. 36k miles. Fully serviced - occasionally driven with some zest like once or twice a month if I'm lucky. About a month ago EPC light came on, turned car off then back on and it had cleared -...
  2. H Rafiq

    17 inch alloys

    Would 17 inch alloys fit my mk3 Leon Cupra 280, or is it just 19 and 18 inch alloys that fit? I’m guessing it’s the brake discs and callipers which pose the issue when reducing down?
  3. Rear diffuser for facelifted Leon ST

    Hi, I have a Leon ST from 2019 and I'm wondering if this Maxton Design diffuser would fit. It doesn't specify whether it would fit the ST bumper, is there even any difference between the facelifted hatchback bumper and the ST bumper? Thanks in advance!
  4. Chelesty

    Rear indicator causes LED DRL on opposite side to flicker

    So I just came back from work and drove behind my girlfriend whilst she was driving my Leon facelift with LED lights. I noticed that when she used the indicators, the top part of the DRL that's supposed to go out when you use the blinker would flicker on the other side. The flicker itself is at...
  5. H Rafiq

    Parts price

    Had a service yesterday. They flagged that the rocker cover gasket needed replacing, and the front lower arm rear console bushes are beginning to delaminate, so I’m guessing they’d need replacing too. Any idea how much these parts would cost? They also flagged a minor oil leak at the rear of the...
  6. 8CB4FFD9-62B7-4CDF-A6AD-FAE28F9825F0.jpeg


  7. 73CDFF0A-FBD9-47DD-9B8F-B06DF03B554F.jpeg


  8. 1EAB8AB0-A678-4181-8CBF-5AB9D81456D5.jpeg


  9. 4AE35AD5-B641-459C-A245-A927EFE4D947.jpeg


  10. 13CF940C-6A8A-4A09-A220-42A4987903FF.jpeg


  11. 18266534-CAB5-45DC-9517-35924008BCA4.jpeg


  12. H Rafiq

    Rubber seal

    Having bit of an issue with this seal on the drivers side. It’s perished and ripped in one area. It’s not the one on the door, but the one that goes on the sill and around. The seal on the door itself is fine. Does anyone know a part number and where I can source it from? It looks a relatively...
  13. H Rafiq

    Stock flappy paddles

    I’ve removed my flappy paddle extensions and noticed it looks like there’s something missing from the back. I bought the car with the extensions already fitted. Do I need something to fit on the back? If so, where can I get them? I want the paddles stock.
  14. D1636F1E-84CB-4F21-B510-786DAE11DFC0.jpeg


  15. Back/side


    Leon Cupra 280 2015 in grey
  16. B&W


    Leon Cupra 280 2015 in grey
  17. Rear end

    Rear end

    Leon Cupra 280 2015 in grey
  18. Jg99

    Updated 30/05/21: Tints, Debadge & Wind Deflectors

    Hi all, Been awhile since I posted on here last, but finally my latest progress update is here! Since my last post I've tinted the back rear windows with Protints Leamington who've done a cracking job with the 5% tints. On top of that I've debadged the Leon off the back and and Heko's onto...
  19. Lozzy15

    Body Panels Exterior Trim removal - front doors

    Shuffle46 asked: "I have had a stone flick up and crack the trim by the front passenger door . Got a part to replace it but not sure on how to remove it.. anybody help? Thanks" Community answer: If you go to this links page https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/links-page.449766/...
  20. General maintenance Drive Profile Settings Guide

    After googling and messing with the drive profile on my DSG Cupra to figure out exactly what everything does, I came across quite alot of conflicting information, just thought this would be helpful to people. The most confusing setting is the 'ENGINE' setting, you can choose between...
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