1. Removing the soundproofing

    I've just finished removing the sound proofing tarmac type tiles from my Ibiza, which was a bit time consuming but not too bad. However, in places (Such as the front of the foot wells) the sound proofing tiles seem to have some kind of silicone stuff underneath, which you can't melt off...
  2. sick2death

    removing soundproofing?

    Was thinking of removing the soundproofing on my LCR's bonnet. Is this a common thing to do? Is it a bit noisy without?
  3. chrisbond69

    MK3 Audio soundproofing advice please

    im looking for some advice on what soundproofing, where to put it and what layers to make the inside of my car (mk3 ibiza cupra) sound a little less noisy, any help would be appreciated so much, ive heard of skinz, dynamat, second skin and brown bread, but theres a whole world of products...
  4. chrisbond69

    Soundproofing advice

    I have stripped the interior out of the car today to be sent off and looked at how poor the ibiza's sound proofing is, id like ideally to be able to do the car so the road noise is lower and help with the stereo too, can anyone reccomend equipment to use, give me tips ie where to coat, help...
  5. Soundproofing

    My missus is enjoying life in her new Altea XL although she has mentioned the engine noise to me on a couple of occasions. It isn't such a problem that it is really anything of an issue but I was wondering if there were any easy-to-implement measures that I could take to quieten things down for...
  6. Snoopie

    Engine Cover and Engine Soundproofing

    Couldn't find a poll option. But I'm toying with the idea of running with the Engine cover off. I know it'll have no effects, but just curious as to who's done it? And lastly, the engine soundproofing (if thats what its called) which pins to the bonnet. Is it ok to run with that off? I know...
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