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  1. Leon car seat advice

    Hi All, I currently own a 2007 Ibiza but am looking to upgrade to a Mk3 Leon (an FR if I can find one within budget!). I gave two young kids, a 4 year old and 15 month old, both of which are in rear facing car seats, although we'll soon be front facing my 4 year old. We currently have a Joie...
  2. GIAC stages for leon cupra mk2

    could someone please explain to me what stages giac have for the cupra. what mods are needed for each stage? i know revo has stage 1; 2 and 2+ but i cannot seem to find stages for giac....
  3. Andrewcupra TDI

    Next stages for the PD 150

    ok have had a little search but to no avail I am now wondering whats the next stage of my progress Cars a Pd150 Derv Currently have the following done Engine Carbonio intake Miltek decat turbo back exhaust system i assume some form of remap or chip unsure what / where as this...
  4. Chrisdaman

    Chrisdaman's New Daily - proper all stages clean :)

    After a long 2 and a bit years with the ibiza, it finally went :cry:....... BUT i managed to find myself a rather nice looking mk3 golf VR6, in 3 door, so i got on the case and got myself up to leighton buzzard to collect her. The bodywork is a bit tatty, but that can be corrected at a...
  5. Ibiza Rally Car at Rockingham Stages at the weekend?

    I noticed a "SEATCUPRA.NET" sticker in the back of a very nicely prepared Ibiza at the weekend at Rockingham Stages.... I think I also spoke to the driver at the day 1 results sheet on Sunday morning not realizing which car they were from....anyone know thier user name? I was the navigator...
  6. Craig!

    Turbo Tuning Stages

    Out of interest, whats the general tuning stages consist of? I'm not after the REVO stages, just Turbo Stages #'s in general, i.e Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 2. Is it around the same structure as NA cars/bikes?
  7. Cadwell

    South Downs Stages Rally @ Goodwood

    An enjoyable little event run on tarmac round the Goodwood circuit. Here's an Impreza getting it a little wrong, you're supposed to drive AROUND the tyres :p It was a good opportunity for me to test out the cameras before the Wyedean and Sunseeker rallies later in the month. The light...
  8. Longmoor Loco Stages

    http://www.scmc.co.uk/Loco_06/Loco_Home_Frame.htm Anyone competing or marshalling? Should be a good day!:D
  9. Grizedale Stages Rally - Sat 3rd Dec 2005 - Coniston, Cumbria

    Grizedale Stages Rally - Sat 3rd Dec 2005 - Coniston, Cumbria Welcome to the "Coppermines Grizedale Stages Rally 2005" Sat 3rd Dec 2005 - Coniston, Cumbria 43.3 Stage Miles, 42 Road Miles, Central Servicing. Entry Fee £330 Regs and Online entries AVAILABLE NOW...
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