1. Syphon

    New Stickers for 2020

    We have new stickers available in the merchandise store with our new logo. These include new interior glass stickers as well as multipurpose permanent waterproof stickers that can be put on your laptop, water bottle and your car (anywhere they will stick for that matter!). Window sticker...
  2. Syphon

    Competition time - win a set of new stickers

    In case you hadn't noticed we've got a bit new website update on the way and this includes a new logo and some new merchandise. There is a limited run of chrome badges on the way so get your's reserved here. We also have some new car stickers revealed here for the first time below. The...
  3. Syphon

    SEATCUPRA.NET Stickers are back

    UPDATE TO THREAD: Stickers are now available to purchase online Picture of mine. Thanks, Scott
  4. daboy3000

    Pic request B Pillar sticker removal

    Thinking of removing the black stickers on the pillars between front and back doors, did this on my old kiwi Ibiza and it looked good, has anyone done this to a Leon? ....and got any pics.
  5. seat cupra sport origonal sticker

    in the front wings there is the seat cupra sport stickers which i personally think look well once car is clean but someone in a special washing place took one of mine off with a jet washer im wondering are these still made i check in the dealer ship and got a big no no so does anybody know...
  6. ecosse1986 sticker

    Hi folks recently purchased a seat sticker obv going to be putting it on the ibiza never seen a picture of what it looked like it was the smaller frosted effect outward one has anyone got one of these and where have all placed them on your car
  7. MK R BOY

    Door sticker

    Hi All On my cupra R on the front doors, at the back side of the window frame there is a black/carbon coloured effect. Its a large sticker I think that goes from top to bottom of the window edge. Has anyone replaced this yet?? It has been chipped some how and was wondering whether it is...
  8. Seat f2 world rally champions sticker?

  9. JasKandola1

    MK2 Leon Down 'n' Out Sticker

    Just come across this, Don't know if any of you have seen this before, but thought i'd post it for you MK2 Owners,-Seat-Leon-Cupra_W0QQitemZ170345394651QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090617?IMSfp=TL090617183001r28852
  10. ather`s

    window sticker

    :bleh:anybody tell me where i can the window stickers with SEATCUPRA.NET on please?:bleh:
  11. Cupra Sticker on the boot

    I dont know if this was the same on anyone elses but the person who stuck the cupra letters on mine was blind. washed the car today and noticed the 'U' is a good 10mm higher than the rest of the letters. i was laughing at a friends K1 the other week as his were all slightly rotated at...
  12. LCR Brake Bembo Sticker and Alloys in Black.

    I want to get my Capilers on the front re-sprayed, does anyone know where to buy the sticter? Can I go to Seat? Also I have want to get my alloys repaired or resprayed, has anyone sprayed a LCR alloy in Black? Does the car look any good or is a bit too max power? Regards.
  13. rear window sticker

    where do we get the seat stickers from??? i want one for my rear window to show my devotion!!!
  14. Codes on white sticker in boot

    You know the white sticker in the boot with the chassis number, engine type etc etc,. I am trying to find out what the codes mean for the installed options on the car, does anyone know where to find this ? cheers Gareth
  15. cupra r rob

    Brembo Sticker Size

    I refurbished the calipers but forgot to measure the brembo stickers, can anyone tell me the size so i can order the same ones off e-bay. cheers.
  16. Bttc Rear Window Sticker

    can anyone tell me where I can get a BTCC rear window sticker, most new cars come with them on but mine didint? Any ideas?
  17. Vin plate / Sticker?

    Hi, I have been to look at a Leon TDI (2000 W reg) i am interested in. While I was looking round it I noticed that the VIN plate (located in the engine bay next to the passenger side wheel) is infact as sticker. I have heard that some manufacturers use stickers instead of the metal...
  18. Sticky mess left by sticker on sun visor

    what the best wat to remove stucky residue left by a sticker?
  19. t0m

    Just got my SCN sticker!! Where to put it?

    Lol I didn't go as crazy as would appear but still was nice to see my sticker turn up before this Sunday's Bromley pageant. Now the question is, where shall I put it?!?! :rolleyes:
  20. Cupra R

    Window sticker removal.

    What's the best way to remove the sticker that is stuck to the rear screen, the Seat one. I don't want to cause any damage either to the element or the tinting. It is already bubbled slightly, but in the middle, so not easy to get at.
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