1. Seat Toledo (purple)

    Seat Toledo (purple) Berkshire forum meet March 2020
  2. setting the clock on seat toledo

    I have a 2001 Seat Toledo TDi SE and would like to know how to set the clock to show the correct time. It's always been out and I've never managed to set this up properly. Can anyone helpm please.
  3. V5 Toledo weird engine smell

    Hey guys, As some of you're aware, I just got my V5. The check engine light came back after the reset at Autohaus, so the lambda probe & cooling fluit temp sensor do need to be changed. That I am not so worried about, as I'll have the garage that I bought it from do that, however what worries...
  4. Cupra Ross

    Ross's Diamond Black Bora 1.8T Sport.

    After selling my 5th Leon 1.8T last year, I was getting the hankering for another 1.8T. This came up on UK MKiVs and I swapped my Golf TDi for it. I've put a lot of work into it so far. The car was absolutely filthy inside and out when I got it but I thought there was the makings of a good...
  5. Elmo85

    Elmos Toledo - Project Cupra....

    Last weekend I bought a 2002 Seat Toledo with 70k on the clock as a 2nd car just to use as a daily driver so I can get some good MPG on the way to work and on any long journeys I do. So far it's been great! Climate control, CD changer, Electric windows all round, parking sensors, Trip...
  6. TerrificToledo

    02 Toledo - Full Respray

    Anybody had their Toledo sprayed? I've got loads of stone chips, a few little nicks etc.. so I'm thinking i should probably take the oppurtunity to just have a full respray. Maybe yellow or black.. Any ideas how much this would cost proffessionally? Thanks
  7. 1999 tdi s toledo what hp would it be...

    hi all just joined does anyone kknow the above...
  8. Seat Toledo , 1600, Please Help :)

    Hi ppl, I'm a new to this, is the clutch easy to change on this car?? and do you know if you need a special tool to change the clutch or can it be done with any day tools?? Thanks Danielle :)
  9. toledo tdi 110 help

    hello only new to the site and lookin some help with my toledo well to start it seat toledo 110 2001 only got the car and when you drive it dies of all power and sound like it chokeing it self if you know wat i mean and and some time when i rev it sounds it missin and starts spluttering...
  10. TerrificToledo

    Brake Light Issues 02 Toledo

    Hey, this is a bit strange. I haven't really got a clue where to start, but here goes. - Flashing orange coil light when i put my lights on (then stays on until engine is off) - Front right (from drivers position) sidelight comes on when i press the brake pedal - Cruise control...
  11. toledo x reg drop glass

    hi yesterday afternoon someone smashed my nearside rear door glass.i havent got a replacement question is, this glass a easy job to replace.i have previously replaced ,the seal behind the door panel,because of the famous leak in the rear passenger footwell,so im good at diy.any help or...
  12. Buying a 2001 Toledo V5 -- help appreciated

    Hi! I am planning on buying a Tolly V5 next week, so wanted to get some thoughts on what I should be looking out for when I go see a couple. Also I was wondering what the pricing is supposed to be for one in good condition from a dealer? Basically, I am looking in the following ads: Well...
  13. toledo tcs/esp light flickering and battery drain

    i've got a toledo (02 plate). a few months back the original (i presume) battery died in the cold. i changed it and ever since i noticed the tcs/esp light flickering slightly even when the key was out of the ignition. its now drained a brand new battery flat twice! taken it to my local garage...
  14. toledo limp mode issue

    Hi , my 2002 Toledo 1.9TDI is going into limp mode again after having the MAP and the other devices, vacuums etc replaced about 18 months ago. diagnostics incdicate pressure control problem. I intend to change the 5mm vacuum pipes could there be anything else causing me this grief. Thankyou. Malc
  15. 1997 toledo center console lights have gone off

    Hi there all, I have a 1997 Toledo (not sure what mark that would make this). Anywho my problem is that the center console lights (the heater ones) have gone off, never to come back again, could this be a fuse problem? if so which one? I checked the fuse box for broked fuses but with no...
  16. 2001 Toledo V5 (20V) suspension options

    Hi, can you tell me what suspension options are available for a Toledo V5, the 20 valve version from 2001? What would be ideal is a stiffer setup with no or little change in ride height. For example, can stiffer dampers be used with the standard springs? I appreciate it's a little different...
  17. v5er

    Will these alloys fit an 03 Toledo V5 170? Not sure if the PCD of 5x112 and offset of 35-45 will fit. Cheers
  18. odd-head

    my toledo v5

    hello all, picked up my toledo on friday, gave it a quick wash and wax and took some photos let me know what you think myles
  19. Can someone value my Toledo please

    Hi all I would greatly appreciate any (rough) opinions on the current value of my Toledo. It's an unmodified 2003 52 plate V5 (170) with 85k, MOT, FSH and 3 previous owners. It's in average condition for it's age and is in need of some minor work as the secondary air pump has gone and is...
  20. R reg toledo, which manual.

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me which haynes manual is closet to the 97 toledo. Many Thanks Darren.:help:
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