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toledo x reg drop glass


hi yesterday afternoon someone smashed my nearside rear door glass.i havent got a replacement yet.my question is, this glass a easy job to replace.i have previously replaced ,the seal behind the door panel,because of the famous leak in the rear passenger footwell,so im good at diy.any help or links would be good.thanks in advance
Feb 26, 2009
If you've replaced the seal behind the door panel, I believe you've already done most of the work in replacing the glass. As far as I can tell, once the panel is off (and you've removed what's left of the window), you get the new glass, slide it up and tape it to the top of the frame. Then refit the door panel and follow the same procedure you would have been doing to replace the seal.
Nov 27, 2006
The glass is easy, the door panel is a PITA !

...but seen as you've managed that already, should be simple enough.

Be aware that the tabs on the window mechanism - that hold the glass - on a car that old will be the plastic ones (if not replaced previously) and could well have been broken when the window was put through.

Only solution for this is a new panel with a cable mechanism attached, or a 'repair kit' from SEAT which has metal clamps attached to a new cable.

I have one of these in my Toledo that I've not got round to fitting yet cos the car's still off the road, so let me know if you need a part number (or the kit itself if you can't get hold of one)

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toledo glass

hi,thanks for the replies.could you please post the part numbers on the forum.many thanks,im going to get a replacement glass from scrapyard for £30 today,so i will let you no how i get on.
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