1. DecMech

    Mk1 seat leon (1M) rear door glass re-install

    Hi guys, so i have recently had to remove the inner plastic mechanism located behind my driver side rear door handle as I accidentally removed the small torx screw and the anodised ring that sits on the edge of the screw dropped loose. I followed the following video to help me get to this...
  2. toledo x reg drop glass

    hi yesterday afternoon someone smashed my nearside rear door glass.i havent got a replacement question is, this glass a easy job to replace.i have previously replaced ,the seal behind the door panel,because of the famous leak in the rear passenger footwell,so im good at diy.any help or...
  3. 65coupe

    rear door glass removal - Leon Mk1

    Anyone know how the door glass attaches to the window carrier in a Mk1 Leon Cupra?? (It's not a screw into the carrier because I can see it - it looks like some kind of plastic push in/push out lug, but knowing how expensive these things generally are:wtf:, I don't want to force it)...
  4. rich146

    Anyone Used Pentagon In Reading For Tinting Glass?

    Just wondered if anyone has used Pentagon In Reading for tinting their SEAT. Im considering booking my Leon (Being built this week) to have rear factory identical tint and apparently can have front sides slight UV tint as well (obviously staying within legal limits). They sound pretty good and...
  5. Ibiza fr wing mirror glass removal/replacement

    I have just replaced my drivers side wing mirror however due to teh heavy snow and loosing my torx screwdriver head I have left the wingmirror in working electrical order but with no glass. I need to remove the old glass from my old wingmirror and replace it in the new one. Can anyone tell...
  6. Skii

    Replacement wing mirror glass

    Some kind motorcyclist punched my wing mirror off this morning, thanks for that mate, much appreciated :) Anyway thankfully only the glass needs replacing, wierd thing is appears to be a heated unit with the 2 wires attached - I've never thought my car had a heated mirrors, if so they've...
  7. unitzero

    Stubby Mirror glass ..

    Sorry, I did SEARCH but ended up going round in circles and wanting to buy a drivers side stubby but that will be my next task ! Im looking for a part no. for the passenger side stubby mirror glass. can anyone help ? Cheers Baz
  8. front window glass

    My pasenger window has just dropped in the frame.I have removed the door card and cannot seem to remove the next piece,I have unbolted it and the wire is off the runners.I can still not get thos black piece out or get the window up. Any help would be appreciated and it has just started to rain...
  9. Al_G

    Replacing/Repairing Door Glass...

    Hey, I've picked up a few scratches on my driver’s and rear driver’s side door glass :(. It’s not massively noticeable but I'm a perfectionist! I can only presume they been caused by little stones being caught in the window rubber. I've spent a bit of time hunting for a solution and tried...
  10. window glass won't go up! :/

    Hi guys! We have a 2003 Ibiza 1.2 S...put the leccy window down...and it won't go up... :D Have taken the doorcard off, undone all the bolts, released all clips etc, but can't get the metal sheet off to get to the window mechanism We can see the problem...the metal chord has slipped off...
  11. vwbassett

    Head Light Glass Polishing?

    Hi, My Cupra R has seen the best side of 60k and the headlights look pretty pitted with stone chips and minor scratches, one stupidly by myself when i used a hot air gun to help remove the moisture in the unit. Any abrasive polish i can use to bring these back up as they look terrible? Cheers Adam
  12. speedinsaxo

    LCR Fog light replacement glass

    Can you just get the glass and swap this out on the LCR fog lights - or is it a complete unit? I have a cracked one and I am not paying dealer prices for a complete new uit when the only thing wrong is cracked glass? thanks
  13. strensall

    triangle window glass cost

    Does anyone Know how much the little triangle window near the wing mirror is likely to cost.mine got smashed and don't fancy getting ripped of tommorow when I go to the Stealers. thanks gareth
  14. Odd valuations from Glass' website

    As I'm considering selling my TFSi Sport I went to Glass' website to get a valuation. Turns out they have a bug at the moment which means if you select that your car has metallic paint it cannot quote. I did a valuation omitting the paint but INCLUDING Sat Nav / Bluetooth / 6xCD / Spare wheel...
  15. AndyC567

    Front Fog Light Glass

    While washing the Tolly this morning, I noticed that the front drivers side fog light glass has a big crack across it !! So, does anyone know what kind of job it is to replace it ? Does it come out the front or is access from behind ? Cheers..
  16. martin_hill_198

    Rear Glass

    how do you un-install and re-install the quater glass ?
  17. No glass Cover on Dash!

    I dont have the cover for the dash i can literally touch my speedo, rev gauges, shall i get a replacement dash or can i find a glass for it?
  18. Replacement Wingmirror Glass

    does anyone know where i can get a replacement glass for my drivers side wingmirror? ie looked on ebay and found this, will it do the job...
  19. emkay dk

    Dark glass in front headlights

    Hi, I just saw a TT with dark glass in the front headlights and it looked really cool - is it possible to get something like this for the new Leon? Like this: Would look cool on my white car.
  20. Donnyboy

    Rain repellent glass

    Has anyone used anything like RainX on their mk2 Leon with any effect. The water just seems to sit on the glass and I can't get it to bead/sheet off. I've used clay, glass cleaners, Zymol HD cleanse, Duragloss rain-repel spray. I've not actually tried RainX as I don't really like the product...
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