1. toledo x reg drop glass

    hi yesterday afternoon someone smashed my nearside rear door glass.i havent got a replacement yet.my question is, this glass a easy job to replace.i have previously replaced ,the seal behind the door panel,because of the famous leak in the rear passenger footwell,so im good at diy.any help or...
  2. s2celly

    Drop Links

    I'm getting a grinding noise on full lock, got the car on a ramp today to find that the ARB is rubbing on the driveshaft, so i need new droplinks, but what one's do i need........ Please help
  3. PD140 idle, temperature drop?

    Hi all, having driven at 30mph speeds for 15 minutes, would you expect the engine temp to drop from 90c if you sat there idling with the engine on? Maybe you would as it's diesel?
  4. door drop.

    Folks, Any of you find that your doors drop slightly when opening - my 3 door fr the drivers door moves up slightly when being closed - i can see it from the scuff of the plastic surround. If not, can anyone make any recommendations - do i need to get it put on a jig to see if its not...
  5. 55mm drop???

    About to order some 55mm springs? any1 recommend a set?? need this week as im going away
  6. fast speed drop from 70

    bit off a newbie question i was out driving tonite and was on the motor way i went up to 70 car was in 6th gear i took my feet off the pedals and i was back at 50 in 4 seconds my brakes dont feel to be rubbing any info on this problem
  7. drop links

    Hi everyone, i'm just after a bit of info on stabalizer links (drop links) at the front of my 1.2 ibiza. Are they easy to fit? Do i need any special tools? Cheers in advance
  8. Big drop in power

    My 05 Leon FR had a superchip remap about 18 months ago and WAS running well. All of a sudden i have experienced a noticeable drop in power, about back to the original spec, its as if the remap has disappeared! I've also started getting a slight judder/hesitation when applying very slight...
  9. Drop links

    goin get 60mm springs, will i need the shorter ARB drop links, if so where can i get these?
  10. FR3000

    Coolant Level Drop

    Been noticing very slow drop in coolant level over a period of time with my Ibiza FR Petrol (2005). If it's topped to mid-way between min and max when cold it will eventually drop below the min mark over a period of about 2 months or so (on average that would mean about 2500 miles based on the...
  11. Power Drop

    Hi have 110 Bamma hope somebody can help when i get to 55/60 mph the car drops power no lights come up on dash even when speed drops to 30 there seems no pull. If i pull over turn car off and restart the car will pull well until 55/60 again. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know...
  12. BlackLeon

    17545 Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich and 17705 Pressure Drop

    Anyone able to shed some light? My Engine light came on about a month ago then went off a week later. Came back on again the next week and stayed on. Got it vag-commed with 17545 Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich and 17705 Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)...
  13. Scott-o

    Drop links fouling arch lining?

    I have done a search and found nothing specific just a few mentions. With the car on quite allot of lock i get the droplinks rubbing on the arch lining, has anyone else had these problems? I have had a quick look but its dark, i think you will be able to trim the arch lining back where its...
  14. Faisal

    Antiroll bar drop links + steering rack

    Hello, iv done some searching and thread hijacking to no avail :( i recently purchased the whole set of bushes from powerflex. managed to do the wishbones,dog bone etc, but im baffled by the drop link bushes. from what i see in the standard LCR antiroll bar, the drop links have ball...
  15. Gunnie

    Drop links

    Fitted Whiteline ARBs today and should of changed the drop links doh Whats a decent make and best place to get them from;)
  16. VAG.COM Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!)

    hi guys, the other day the car started messing around, when i came to a stop the car wouldnt start and when i did the revs were all over the place. tonight it did the same but before i turned the car off i noticed that there was hardly any boost and the turbo wasnt spinning up like normal...
  17. epts2008

    Do I need shocks for a 35/40mm drop

    As it says would I need uprated shocks if I were to use lowering springs that are 35/40mm drop the car has covered 30k miles so shocks arnt shot! many thanks guys and gals
  18. K03 boost drop

    Hi all, i have been searching and cant really find nothing. i have a stage 1 jabba remap, forge fmic, bf cat back exhaust, forge tip n so on... my boost on my mk3 ibiza drops to about 6 psi in 1st, 2nd and 3rd but holds at bout 14 psi in 4th n 5th. it peaks at nearly 20 psi. is this normal on...
  19. abhardwaj1990

    Whats Better for 17's...a 60/40, 60/60 or 40/40 drop?

    Hi guys I'm about to buy a set of Koni shocks and springs, 2nd hand, have done 15,000, but for a good price. I've been speaking to the owner and he said they lower about 50-60mm all round. I'm rolling on 17s with 205's?... I've heard that 60mm on the front is fine, only rubbing on full...
  20. arb adjustable drop links lenth

    what sorta lenth has people set there adjustable drop links at. just trying to figure out if ive got them set up wrong as still catch a tad on driveshafts when cornering.[:@]
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