1. Jade

    LED lights in reg plate blowing fuse!

    Hi, I am new to cars and don't know all that much I am trying to learn as quick as I can but struggling with this one....sorry if it is a daft question! I have tried to put LED reg plate lights in my ibiza Fr 6j (13plate) and they keep blowing the fuse (5 amp mini blade) I have replaced the fuse...
  2. toledo x reg drop glass

    hi yesterday afternoon someone smashed my nearside rear door glass.i havent got a replacement question is, this glass a easy job to replace.i have previously replaced ,the seal behind the door panel,because of the famous leak in the rear passenger footwell,so im good at diy.any help or...
  3. ''r'' reg cupra sport 8v - Wheel arch trims?

    hi guys does any one know where i can buy a set of wheel arch trims <flared arches > the black plasic ones like on the mk3 gti golf? my 17s have ripped the front arches to bits and need a cheap and cheerful fix without replacing the wings and jacking the suspension up and putting 15s on lol...
  4. 56 Reg 1.6 2nd Hand Oil Cap has White Stuff

    Dear All, I went to view a 1.6 Leon which has 48K on the clock and full Seat Service History from a Seat Dealer today. Everything looked fine untill I looked at the oil cap which had quite a bit of White stuff and also at the top of the oil cap neck on the engine side. Does this mean a...
  5. does a seat sport strut brace fit 56 reg. cupra tdi?

    really want one but how hard/easy is it to fit? totally new to this seat carry on so be gentle, have tried to search for info on here but can't find any...: (. the left hand side has a huge metal box over the so don't want to purchase if it doesn't fit. ta! craig
  6. R reg toledo, which manual.

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me which haynes manual is closet to the 97 toledo. Many Thanks Darren.:help:
  7. itfben

    Will an LCR parcel shelf, gear knob and gaiter fit a W reg 1.6s Leon?

    "Will an LCR parcel shelf, gear knob and gaiter fit a w reg 1.6s Leon?" ?
  8. 55 reg leon 1.6 s -some advice /info please

    hi all, im not sure this is in the right section, basically a good friend of mine is looking at a 55 reg leon 1.6 s this weekend on behalf of a family member, i suggested a leon as a good secondhand purchase, they dont require a cupra or anything like that, i dont know much about the 1.6 s...
  9. 06 Reg LCR 225

    Just seen an 06 reg Leon Cupra R 225 on Autotrader! Only ever seen one other and that was a written off Platinum one posted on here somewhere. This one is a Black Magic one with Sat Nav and Recaros. £11k though! :blink: [B)]
  10. LCR 52 Reg Top Mounts and Electric Water Pumps Needs to be Changed

    Dear All, Well I took my car to Seat Camberly for the 7th year Service even though my car has only done 42K. Well they said that both two front mounts need to be changed. They discounted the price for parts and labour to £174 but they were unsure if the top mounts include the bearing for...
  11. Rocky Rocastle

    Vagcom cable port location (03 reg Audi A3)

    Hi Guys Just purchased a new 1.6 Audi A3 se (when i say new it's new to me however it's an 03 plate). Just wanted to scan it for faults but i'm buggered if i can find the port for the cable to plug into. I probably looking to hard and it's right in front of my eyes. Anyone a bit more...
  12. y reg leon key

    ive had my car 2 months and when i brought it i only got 2 normal keys not central locking ones so every time i open and close the door i have to do it from the door, can i get a key with the remotes on it, and also can i get a flip key:?????????? please help as im getting annoyed with it now
  13. Am i stoppable with reg plate led lights?

    Just got some cool blues for the front and im putting in daylight LED,s for the rear reg plate lights ...Im more bugged about the reg plate LED.s does anyone have any experience of making yourself more prone to being pulled over because of them or are they strictly legal. The blurb says they...
  14. Should i buy my mates V Reg Cupra?

    Hi, I'm quite new to this forum so hello everyone. I am in a dilema and need some help from you lot. My mate is wanting to get shut of his Ibiza Cupra R 2.0 Its on a V Reg and has done 122k. I have recently accepted a new job so need an additional car because me and the wife now work...
  15. Help with a few faults after o/s/r window reg was replaced

    My o/s/r window regulator was broke when i bought my Leon Cupra 2001. Had a look and it was a mess so time for a new one. I took the old one out at the time as somone had siliconed the window in place. I noticed after, the door did not lock. So I presumed this was beause i had removed the...
  16. KarenJ

    Isofix on an R Reg 1.4 Ibiza?

    Howdy all! Does anyone know if the Isofix system is in the above car? We might be able to get a car seat for our child on the cheap (I know where it's come from and totally safe) as a 2nd car seat for my MIL's car. (I have done a search but nothing to my knowledge came up in the MK2 Ibiza...
  17. R100XET

    4 bar pressure reg, down pipe and cat?

    just been to have a word with a lad at revo he said i will need these for stage two but where could i get them from and will there be expensive? ( sorry if i sound like a tight arse):)
  18. Nick2008

    how much for winscreen on a p reg cordoba????

    hi all, am thinking of buying a half kiwi half red modified ex rally cordoba tomorrow, the owner is selling it quite cheap because someone smashed the winscreen and back window with a brick and he told me his mate works for autoglass and quoted £150.00 for each but not sure whether to believe...
  19. Willie

    Removing reg plate light bulbs?

    Any idea how?? Need this for MOT
  20. knomic84

    Advice on buying Y reg Leon Cupra 1.8 20vt ?

    I'm hopefully going to look at a Y reg Leon Cupra 1.8 20v t on Monday. Just wondering what i should be looking for in terms of common faults if any with Leons. I will be grateful for all replies, Thanks Michelle x
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