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  1. michaelg1001

    Toledo Chapter 2

    thats right iv got another one a tdi 150 sport this time, probably wont do too much looks wise, got some r32 wheels which need a refurb and tyres, refurb can wait til after winter, just think some springs, then remap :D
  2. LCR Suspension on a Toledo??

    Hi guys, any idea if LCR suspension would cope on a 110tdi Toledo or just flop down due to the added weight??
  3. LCR Suspension on a Toledo??

    anybody any thoughts on if it would work or if it would just flop down with the added weight on a 110tdi Toledo??
  4. 2001 Toledo TDI 110

    Hi, I was wondering if you can provide springs tp drop my toledo either 45mm front and 50mm rear or 55mm front and 60mm rear? If so, will i have any issues lowering the car that much? Thanks!
  5. Toledo temperature guage when radio/cassette is on

    Hi Everyone, I've recently encountered a potentially serious issue with my 2001 (Y) Toledo (TDI SE). Whilst on the motorway with a tape being played in the cassette player. The temperature guage goes to full (overheat) (yellow dot) along with a constant beeping. This has happened a couple...
  6. V5-Ant

    Toledo V5 170: New Pictures 09/01/10

    UPDATE: New Pictures 09/01/10. I picked up this 2.3 V5 20v Toledo 2 weeks ago as a straight swap for my Peugeot 306. its on 87k on a 51plate and has 11months MOT :whistle: I am a student but i spend so much time in the car so its going to be a sleeper Rep-mobile ;)This will be a long ongoing...
  7. Toledo suspension...

    I'm currently looking into suspension options for my 2004 20VT Toledo. I would like a lower ride but nothing harsh and bumpy in quality. What sort of options can you offer me?
  8. G223's Toledo

    Hi guys, just thought I'd share some pics of my new Toledo, Ive got a few plans for it: Tuning box Golf GTI "Monza" Alloys Possibly lowering if it looks too tractory :cry: Colour Coded bumper bottoms Pioneer Head unit Seat Sport gear knob all of the above ordered and awaiting...
  9. Toledo 1.9 tdi SE

    Hi all, Im 17 and was at first planning on getting a Leon 1.4 s. But after peoples opinions decided against this. I'm now hopefully going to get either a Leon 1.9tdi 110 or a Toledo 1.9tdi 110. What's peoples opinions on the Toldeo tdi 110? One thing i've seen is on the AMD site, the re-map...
  10. Toledo Altea Multi Function Display

    I have a 2005 (55) plate Toledo Tdi Sport and the multi function display works except when I try to access the Lights and Vision tab, it just pauses and kicks me back to main menu. Anyone else had this problem? or similar? Thanks
  11. Am I mad ? Looking at Mk3 Toledo's ?

    Really prefer the ALtea but the model i want is too much £££ The Toledo is less - I understand why, looks divide opinion etc Does this make it a good 2nd hand buy or would I find it too difficult to move on in the future ? Looking at the 2.0 Tdi Sport if that makes any difference...
  12. 2003 TDi 110 (Toledo) Hesitancy over 3k rpm

    Dear forum members, I have a 2003 Toledo TDi (110) SE with 97k on the clock. Fully serviced and maintained (I have owned the car since the first service) Recently (the last month) my car has started to show some hesitancy in accelerating at some point over 3k rpm. The car is mainly...
  13. '01 toledo 1.9tdi 110. loss of power. pictures. vag-com

    Hey Picked up a toledo recently and are trying to figure out what causes my loss of power. Don't think it's going into limp mode. Tried turning it off to reset it without any luck. Some days its fine and some it's pretty dead. Still no prob to take 3rd up to 75mph even when it's not...
  14. Which Wheels?

    Hey! Even though I can't really afford it, Ive decided that I need to get some nice new wheels. The question now, is which ones? I was thinking to begin with I'd go with either 17" or 18". Any recommendations there? Im open to choices but I have a few different ideas in mind, RS4s, mk1...
  15. My poor Toledo

    Any ideas on a replacement for my Seat Toledo Sports as I wrote it off today :-( Everyone was fine but my car is gone... :-(
  16. Will SEAT Toledo Roof Bars fits a LEON?

    Hi, Does anyone know if SEAT Toledo roofbars: Part Number: 1M5071126 Description: Roof Bars Model Application: Toledo 1999 > - 1MYB051341>> Detail: Price (RRP): £ 130.00 Order: SEAT Accessories and Parts are available to order through your local SEAT dealer. Click here to...
  17. Mk2 Toledo Purchase query

    Hi Have seen a 2002 1.8SE 20V (87k on clock) for sale under £2k but any recommendations for what to look for when going to view/drive it? Thanks
  18. Toledo ecu Fault (*** Help Needed***)

    I recently bought a toledo(130 tdi) which has been siting around for a while.. when i bought it the Smic was damaged and needed replaced (which i was aware of)... I have replaced the intercooler and the engine management light was still on so it was put onto a diagnostic machine ('Global')...
  19. michaelg1001

    laguna dci fmic on a toledo tdi 110

    is it worth doing any kind of upgrade if i can get a cheap enough intercooler? what sort of gains do you think i could expect? if my money situation is alright il be gettin a jabbasport remap next month as well
  20. Toledo Tdi aircon prob-No power to clutch

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can help please? I have a 99 Mk2 Toledo Tdi 110 which I recently bought. The aircon did not work and after a quick look there was no clutch or nut on the compressor. Bought a clutch and nut, bolted it on but no joy, the clutch does not lock on when the aircon is...
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