1. What other seats will fit my toledo?

    Im looking at upgrading the seats in my 2001 seat toledo and want to know what my options are. ie will seats from any vw golf, bora or leon fit straight in or will they require modding? cheers. chris
  2. Mk2 Toledo - Suspension Question

    Hi All, I've pondered replacing my 2001 Toledo TDI (110) now with 170k on the clock. I've decided against trading it in as it's worthless according to the dealer. It's never put a foot wrong for the MAF. Anyway, I'm going to spend a few quid to get it new again. I want to replace...
  3. Seat Toledo 1.9tdi ts wannabe

    Hi all, i´ve made some major modifications to my toledo, hope you like it. This is where it all began, this winter i decided to do some changes: First thing, new front bumper from TS model: Still i noticed that girls like these were not impressed :D I rely needed some new...
  4. richard150

    Euro style Toledo?

    Has anyone seen this done this? Im fed up with everyone in NI doing the same thing with their leons and toledos. Want to do a euro style toledo but does anyone know of anyone thats done anything like this?
  5. Tartan58

    Tartan58's Toledo TDi

    Been hanging around here for a while but never got round to putting up some pics of my trusty Seat Toledo. So the spec: (wait for it!) 2001 Seat Toledo TDi 110 SE - bought standard from it's previous and only owner last February, just clicked over 70k miles yesterday. Mod 1: Debadging the...
  6. SEAT Toledo fan - 2nd request

    SEAT Toledo SE 20V Auto. W Reg :confused::help: I noticed the other day that the radiator cooling fan keeps speeding up and slowing down. It seems to start doing this when the engine temperature reaches 70 degrees. The normal running temperature is 90! It appears to be putting a large...
  7. kewe

    HID's in Toledo

    Finally got my HID's fitted yesterday. Have to say the difference is amazing. The picture shows the HID 6K fitted in the passenger side and my Osram Nightbreaker in the drivers side. Even in daylight you can see the difference but at night I just cannot believe how much these babies light up the...
  8. MP3 player input into satnav equipped toledo

    I'm trying to figure out how I can plug my MP3 player into the Toledo. My previous car had a tape player, so one of those tape adaptor thingies did the job. My wifes car has got an aux in, so I don't have to worry with that. But I'm struggling with the Toledo. I have bought one of those FM...
  9. Fl@pper

    DTM Toledo Pics

    anyone got any better pics of this car/style/body at all ?
  10. ravemstr

    (Future) Toledo Cupra

    Well, i never really added pics of my 2001 Black Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI so... This is the car when i first bought it: It was lowered about 40-45 on standard shocks and sport springs. Pretty much it had everything :p 16" Seat Standard alloys(winter), 17" Leon FR alloys(summer), auto...
  11. Toledo v5 timing chain Problem

    I have a 2000 Toledo v5 (150bhp). Couple of weeks ago I started the engine up and it sounded terrible - as if it was badly miss-firing. I took it to my local garage who eventually told me it was probably the timing chain slipping and that it was very slack. They also said it would be more than...
  12. toledo tdi jumpy kangeroo

    my 02 tdi 110, is a bit jumpy. When driving, i can hear a hiss, and car jumps, its as if it losing pressure any ides
  13. 100% Dead Toledo :-( Electrics?

    Hi all, newbie to the forum so greets to you all! I have a big problem, I think I've killed my Toledo (1.6 petrol job). It's not been used for a few months and was very damp inside (floor pans etc, same old story of leaks). The battery was dead so I connected a charger with a quick start...
  14. V5 Toledo (again)

    Hi everyone, i few years ago i owned my first V5 and loved it but stupidly sold it and regretted it ever since. this was my first one: As i say, i should never have sold it but the time eventually came to replace it with my new one: So far i've ordered Jamex coilovers and a Cupra...
  15. air blade wipers on toledo?

    hi guys, just a quick question, im going to update my front wiper blades on my leon to the VW 1s. however my old man has an same age 04 toledo and im woundering if this job 100% the same as mine?
  16. Tdi 110 toledo- part identification needed

    there is a part in my engine bay which is rattling. when looking into the cars engine from the front of car, it is a black tube, possible spring loaded, which is down beside the timing belt. is it a tensioner for the fan belt, and should it be rattling
  17. Issues with my wonderful Toledo

    OK sorry for the vauge title but I did not know what else to say. I have a 1997 Volcano Red Toledo 2.0L Sports. Two questions, one problem... 1) Why are there two engine types listed everywhere I go and how can I tell the dif? 2) Are the front mounts meant to be replaced every 6000 miles...
  18. Toledo just died and wont start

    Can anyone help..... My Toldedo 2004 Sport just decided with no warning to stop at a roundabout during rush hour, no warning, no lights, no spluttering just stopped and cut out.... Now it wont turn over, no warning lights and have checked the oil and things and they all seem fine. Any Ideas...
  19. richard150

    My '00 Toledo Tdi

    Hi all. Just picked up my new car yesterday. Its a year 2000 Toledo TDI SE 110. Its had a few mods done. - 110 BHP remapped to 153.6BHP - HID Headlamp kit (8000K) - Bottom of the bumpers colour coded - Fully de-badged - 18" BK299 Wheels - Lowered 60mm on Eibach Sports...
  20. RED I mk1 toledo bhp?

    Hi guys Just looking at getting some info on a red I toledo on a 96 plate I know the engine is a 1z but can someone tell me what bhp it is, i guessing 110 Now the thing is, i have a 1z(AHU) TDi van(says 104 on V5) so i looking to up the power I'd like to know what the difference is...
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