1. 110 TOLEDO hissing coming from engine.

    I recently had my car remapped. it was pulling very well but now it does not seem to pull nearly as well and under the bonnet as i look at it, coming from the front left of the engine i can hear a hissing noise. engine cover is still on it but can anyone think if there would be a hose loose...
  2. Where is the cat on a 110 toledo. 1.9tdi

    As above where is the cat located in the toledo 110 1.9tdi. Is it in the downpipe? or located along the straight section on the underside of the car?
  3. Is my toledo 110 mapped?

    Hey guys was just wondering how i can tell if my toledo 110tdi is remapped. it seems to pull a lot better now since cleaning the maf today. it gives out almost no smoke apart from a little when under load in high gears so could it be the chances are it is not mapped?? Does a standard 110 tdi...
  4. New guy with Toledo..... modding advice.

    Hey guys i recently just bought a 2002 seat Toledo 1.9 TDI 110. I am in the process of making a few changes to it and im hoping it will look well and go ok when finished. Not expecting too much tho as i previously had a 130 sport bora remapped etc. Only two questions really, is it possibly to...
  5. Toledo sport Alloys

    I have a toledo sport tdi 2008 has anyone else had corrosion on the 18 bbs alloys I'm on my 3rd set from Seat
  6. H_man

    looking for a after market exhaust for my 1994 -1995 Toledo 1l,2L,8V GT

    Hi all I am looking for a after market exhaust for my 1994 -1995 Toledo 1l,2L,8V GT...... Anyone know where I would be able to get one ????? As I cant seem to find one at all!!!!:cry: Many thanx for your help!!!!!!!!!!!:D Best regards Hayden
  7. Judder: toledo v5 poss clutch or gearbox?

    hello all great site, this is my 3rd V5 its a 2001 Y plate bought it 3 days ago and i seem to think the clucth has colapsed . at low speed in 1st or reverse am getting a vilant judder evan with my clutch fully pressed in , then every now and again it will not come out of gear the clucth...
  8. AndyC567

    Anyone removed a Toledo Front Bumper

    Hi All, Just had my radiator replaced on my Toledo which involved dismantling the whole front end of the car.. While washing it this morning, I have noticed that the garage didn't quite get the bumper on quite right, it sticks out where it wraps round and joins the front wings on both...
  9. Mk2 Toledo ASV Juddering & drop in MPG

    Hi all, looking for a bit of help to see if there's an obvious fault on my car before taking it to the garage. I've got a 2002 Toledo 110 with the ASV engine. It's done 104k miles. Recently I've noticed that at low speed and light load - in town, there's definitely a judder, and the car...
  10. Seat Toledo Rear Bumper

    Hi All, Does Anyone know where i would buy the Rear Bumper on the Seat Toledo Below. I think its Called the "Audi TT exhaust valance" According the the Site i found it on. If not doesn't anyone Know any better rear bumpers cause they are...
  11. toledo bumper

    does any one no if the cupra bumper will go on a toledo i have a 1999 mk 2 toledo i no thy look the same but has any one ever seen a toledo with a cupra front bumper could you send me a link if you no of any thats
  12. Soggy toledo!!!

    Hi Guys I really need some help here. I bought my toledo 1.9 tdi (02 plate) about 6 months ago, over the past 3 or 4 months ive noticed that the carpets and mats, both front and back were soaking wet. :( I removed the back seats and pulled the carpet back to find puddles of water hanging around...
  13. Seat dealership can't fix my Toledo - help!

    Hi all, I'm a new member and am hoping someone can help me. I have an 02 plate 2.3 V5 Toledo with 55k on the clock. I bought it privately in July 08 and it has a full Seat Dealership service history. In October last year it started to run rough at low revs and cut out when stationary. I took...
  14. 1.9...stefan

    Stefan's TDI toledo... NEW CAR PICS

    My toledo, doesnt need the big intro that was here.... purchased 5th november 2008.. first post updated 26th august 2009 so first mod was a full interior, minus door cards out of a 05 leon fr... this was done on the second day of ownership Secondly i decided to tint my rear lights, i was...
  15. Just had a toledo tdi sport, advice on afew points

    Picked it up last night and have afew queries, 05 reg, 6 speed Radio respection is very poor, is this a common issue have not even looked where the aerial is yet, was thinking about getting a dab plug in, is there a jack point to the existing sound system? How many miles between services...
  16. Leon / Toledo 99-04 Hazard warning lights / Indicators - DIY repair guide

    Have your indicators started working irratically or intermitently? If so check the hazard warning light switch. Does it cut out after a short period of time/ work irratically or just once? Both problems will almost certainly be caused by the hazard warning light relay which is...
  17. Toledo timing belt/Chain ?????

    I have a petrol Seat toledo 1.8 20V (NON TURBO). Can anyone let me know if it has a timing belt or a timing chain??? would apreciate the help so i dont look like a muppet when i take it to a garage. cheers
  18. new toledo.. what should i do?

    just bought an 04 toledo.. what should i do to it first?
  19. my toledo

    Hello just came accross this site tonight thought id post some pics up, heres my toledo 1.9tdi 110 lol few subtle mods so far include: 18" rs6 alloys lowered m3 skirts plans: 150bhp remap (after Christmas) coilovers hid kit wheels to be sprayed white have a rear window spolier...
  20. 1997 Toledo 2.0 16V - how fast?

    Simple question really - I'm trying to find performance figures for this and failing. 0-60? Top speed? Seems bloody fast to me, especially for £310.
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