1. Faisal

    A wee boost issue

    :cop:Note to search police: Search was done prior to this post.:cop: Hello, iv noticed a wee issue with the boost on my car.was running a few logs and iv noticed my actual boost is nowhere near my requested boost. i understand it wont be able to make requested boost bang on all the time...
  2. WeeG

    Anyone else get any wee jerks in power after remap?

    Hey guys just looking to see how many of you get any little jerks or other things after getting your tdi's remapped mainly the 170tdi but any other diesels as well?
  3. fr-tdi

    a wee present for the Ibiza

    awesome service from the Swissvax team! ordered yesterday noon and arrived this morning!! thanks again! now, whered i park my car.....:lol:
  4. fr-tdi

    my wee claim to fame

    Got told about this yesterday so ran out and bought the mag PVW's built not bought section! sorry for the shameless self wh0ring! :lol:
  5. elliott87

    a wee bit advice on re-mapping

    right, the guy i bought the car from had it mapped with standard everything, apart from DV. i've since then fitted a carbonio CAI, downpipe and sports cat, custome cat-back so just wondering if its worth getting a 4bar fuel regulator thingy and getting it fitted with a new remap? would i see any...
  6. My wee ibiza project

    Thought id post a few pics of my motor nearly finished off. Im not sure what to do next after i get her lowered! http://s390.photobucket.com/albums/oo343/mansel1690/ Any ideas!!?:):)
  7. Swordjo

    Nice wee surpirse

    Was out having a a look at my week old(to me) Cupra.. well was trying to find out where the rattle was coming from (ended up being heatshield above the back box), and got a nice surprise of seeing that one of the previous owners had kindly paid out for the Seat Sport suspension upgrade!:funk...
  8. trotters

    my new ride

    well no more ibiza cupra :( will be missed been a ace wee car well here it is i have gone to the dark side of vtec and love it lol must say it is one of the best cars i have had feels like new and geting very good mpg out it way beter then the cupra... its a fresh inport and am the 1st...
  9. Pics of my wee Arosa

    Heres my wee Arosa i bought to see me through the next few months until i have enough money for my new Clio which i sadly crashed :(. I deliver pizzas for Dominos in it haha :). And heres some pictures of my old baby if you're interested :) Thanks for...
  10. ArosaRacer

    Wee mans Arosa Track day project working again Thanks Grandad !!!

    At 6pm the arosa had its first drive all gears working Clutch adjusted lights working !!!!!! All i need to finish it are 1) Windscreen 2) Roll cage 3) Two front tyres :funk: Thanks m0rk, Stu, And My Grandad !:clap::clap:
  11. New owner / member... few wee questions

    Firstly hello! Been lurking here for a while, used the forum in the past as a very handy knowledgebase for all things 1.8T related when I had an Octavia vRS. I sold that vRS 6 months ago and bought a Volvo S60 D5 which although an amazing car in terms of refinement and comfort it certainly...
  12. Tidy up a wee bit?

    This forum is great, lots of very useful info and members, however it just seems so awkwardly laid out! When scrolling down the page I lose count at 50 different forums, when many of them could be boxed away easily in "sub forums". It makes things very hard to find, especially for new...
  13. FR Sarah

    my wee red ibiza FR

    just got her yesterday and tarted her up a bit today.... will get more pics when i find the right location!! comments and suggestions welcome!
  14. just won a wee ebay bargain!

    :) had been looking for one n/s/f headlamp for so long and almost gave in and paid £55 for one the other day, glad i held off. guy breaking an ibiza, pm'd him asking how much for the lamp, reply came as a suprise "both headlamps and both matching indicators are in immaculate condition and no...
  15. Just a wee bit of advice please!!

    Just took the little cupra to the stealers for them to diagnose 2 things so then i can get on to my warranty company. 1. something in the steering column was loose and you could feel a bit of play in it.. No probs according to them the bottom uj on the column is knackered which seems about...
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