1.9tdi knock/kick when starting engine

Jul 20, 2019

This issue appeared when I bought this car. Whenever you start engine it kick hard and you can feel on gearbox knob if you hold. This is really hard kick. What I have changed after owning this car teo years:

Starter. Didn't help much. No effects.
Clutch. More effects but still appear every second start engine.
Belts. No effects.

My mechanic dont know what else it may cause this problem.

What else I should check, guys.
This kick really annoy me and I dont think its good for the car.

Please help.

Seat leon 2007 1.9tdi BXE
Jul 20, 2019
So far Im thinking about the battery but it has no problem with starting engine. It doesnt matter when you start your car. Cold or hot engine it still kicks hard.

Noticed that if I fill up diesel and after that Im starting car it always kicks in.


I only wanted a remap
Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
I assume the engine / gearbox mounts are alright?
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