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17 or 18 inches wheels?


Active Member
May 10, 2016
I'm speccing a new FR and have a bit of a dilemma. The 17 inch wheels are not nice (to me) but I'm concerned with a potential harsh ride on 18's. Especially with a child in the car. I will be test driving both but wondered what people's real life experiences are?


Active Member
Jun 3, 2015
The 17's are easier to wash. I hate washing wheels so I went for them. They look nasty in my opinion, and the 18's look so much better, but I really really hate washing wheels and it takes me 40 mins to get mine clean as it is!

2015 Leon ST FR 184 DSG


Active Member
May 13, 2014
I've had 18s on an FR and 17s on my current FR - 18s are by far the better option. the ride quality between them is nothing. the 18s handle far better and look better - 18s!!!!!


Active Member
Aug 30, 2015
17's are the better option on cars with the basic rear suspension (150PS or less). 18s on those with the independent rear suspension.

Having driven both options alongside a former Aston Martin development driver it was clear that the smaller wheels and hence slightly higher profile tyres have more compliance. That really helps control rear end float when you're pushing on and the road surface is anything other than track smooth. 18s were very lively on the rear, and clearly compromised the handling, ride difference wasn't huge between the two, but noticeable.


Active Member
Jul 31, 2015
I find the ride on my 17's much more comfortable than my 18's but the 18's look and handle way better. You really feel the difference when changing from one set to the other. Difference for me might also be due to changing from summer tyres to winter tho?


Yorkshire - born and bred
Oct 7, 2008
South Yorkshire
Given that the specification of the tyre and wheel are exactly the same (ET offset, wheel width, tyre make and width) then the 17" wheel and tyre combo should perform better.

OEM 17" alloys are narrower and have a different offset to the 18" OEM alloys and so just these two factors alone will alter the driving dynamics of the car. Add into that equation a higher sidewall on a narrower alloy that sits within a slightly narrower footprint due to ET offset and the 18" set-up will outperform the 17" one.
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