2006 Ibiza MK3 6L Door Opening/Lock Fault & Mechanism Removal

Aug 21, 2023
Hi everyone,
I have an 'ancient' MK3 Ibiza 1.9 TDI FR 2006 (56 - 6L) with a passenger door lock fault. Unable to open the door from either outside or inside the car, neither the key fob, key or interior central locking switch would release this lock (boot and drivers door are fine).

After many hours, I have managed to remove the door panel trim and electric window panel from inside the car WITHOUT opening the door, and access the lock mechanism. When operating the keyfob or central locking switch, the lock mechanism 'activates' on locking, but there is no reaction when unlocking. There are voltages on the blue lock connector, indicating permanent +12v and temporary voltages when pressing the lock/unlock buttons, so it seems this issue is either with the lock mechanism or it's internal actuator/electrics.

I have tried numerous YouTube video suggestions, including removing the door handle tensioner spring (already removed in posted photos) and operating the two levers (for outer and inner door releases) on the lock mechanism itself, both individually and simultaneously. I have also tried all of the above whilst depressing the microswitch at the base of the lock mechanism.

I am at the point now where I just need to find a way of somehow removing this door lock mechanism, WITHOUT opening the door, or taking an angle grinder to the door itself!! The only way forward now it seems, is to try and break apart the lock mechanism from inside the door and hope that this will still allow it to disengage from the lock post. I have ordered a replacement lock mechanism, in the event that it comes to this, and it is successful!

Does anyone with knowledge of these 'antique' Ibiza's have any other suggestions as to how I might overcome this challenge and enable me to fit a new lock mechanism? I have attached several photos to illustrate the mechanism from within the door, showing the lock in relation to the outer door handle and window glass (top of photos).
I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions/advice/solutions, anyone may have.

All the best,

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