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2008 F1 rules released


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Jun 26, 2001
Glasgow UK
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For anyone who give a monkeys, and hasn't long since turned from F1 to other forms of motorsport where overtaking isn't banned ~ CLICKY LINK

Back to slicks :)

Lighter cars :)

Standard ECUs :( to allow them to properly control bans on driver aids :)

19k rpm limits :confused:

CDG wings (waassat?)


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May 29, 2004
East Midlands
CDG wing, maybe this is the new rear wings that don't screw up the airflow for the car behind. To allow for more overtaking

Triple D

Si said:
Not sure about this 'Driver Changing Tyre pressures!' How do they pump the tyre up without a pump?!
The same as james bond does when his tyres go flat, press a button :lol:


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May 29, 2004
East Midlands
I agree separate wings behind each rear wheel does look seriously weird. Must be doubling up on the number of elements allowed in each wing to account for loss of total width.


Sep 18, 2004
* Arrangements for a single tyre supplier in 2008

* Three-event engines

* Four-event transmissions

* Weight penalties for early replacement of engine or gearbox

* Testing restrictions

* A ban on spare cars

* A free market in the sale of chassis and components between participating teams

1,So basically no tyre competition - Reducing advances to road tyres

2,Nice and slow engines then most likely (or will all teams use veyron engines and boxes to compensate for the possible penalties)

red line fun

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May 24, 2004
let's face it they've got to try to improve F1, for all the hype the current set up is boring to watch 80% of the time. you know something's wrong when the only decent bits to watch are the start and pit stops ... unless you're a die hard fan who likes to watch a procession of cars for 90 mins :blink:

Ant FR

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Feb 15, 2005
hey its still good fun now though.

Just booked my tickets upto the hungarian grandprix!!!!


Leon Cupra 300R
Jun 3, 2004
Well Michelin (sp?) are leaving in 2006 anyway so there will only be one tyre supplier.

Im more keen to find out who the new team is!


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I've totally lost interest in Formula Numb. The only GP I watched last year was the British one, I couldn't get out of seeing that one as I was sitting in a stand at Silverstone. I did fall asleep during the race though and for most of it (the time I was awake) I was wishing I'd gone to the Mini festival at Brands Hatch instead. 2006 will be the first year for a very long time that I won't be at a GP.

To be honest, over the last few years I've see many overtaking opportunities when drivers COULD over take but didn't. It's "safer" and easier to do it via pit stop strategy. It isn't motor racing anymore and changing techinical regulations won't get it back there. A change in attitude from all involved in the series is also needed. They've been two teams short of a full grid for years and a race series that can't generate full grids is a dying series. The sooner we hear the "death rattle" the better as far as I am concerned.
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