1. Isofix Child car seat question- 2008 Altea

    Hi, I'm very very pregnant so getting our car seat fitted before baby appears. We have a silver cross Isofix car seat but cannot fit it properly in our 2008 Altea. The pole extender thing that should touch the floor of the car is half an inch shy of touching the floor when fully extended. Has...
  2. Evoms cold air intake for Leon cupra 2008 model needed

    Is this the best intake for sound and performance on the Seat Leon Cupra 2008 model Im from South Africa and currently Evoms and BSH leading market Whats the best price u can offer me including good efficient shipment to south africa (cape town). If someone has a second hand one i will also be...
  3. used leon delivered 2008 plate fr550

    Just had my new leon 20l tdi fr550 2008 delivered at 5 o'clock today all I can say is woo what a car, traded in my little ibiza sc 19tdi 2009. loved the ibiza but just found it to small, 3 doors is a pain and just wanted some thing with a little more go and have I got it. I my be a strange...
  4. Norifumi's Fr TDI 2008'

    I recently bought this Fr to go fast but not have the rediculous prices like my previous car...a BMW wich i loved tough.Here some pics of my Candy White Fr!More mods to come offc!:p
  5. Altea brochure - 2008 model year

    Morning all, I have recently bought a March 2009 (pre face-lift) 2.0TDI Stylance, however the spec seems a little odd, so I was hoping that someone may have a 2008 dealer brochure kicking around that they could either scan for me, or post to me to scan and then I'll return it - I'll pay for...
  6. Can we (leon mk2 2008 owners) enable cornering lights through vagcom ?

    I read this article http://octavia-vrs.com/cms/content/enabling-cornering-light-function and i was wondering if it works for leon mk2 08?
  7. 2008 Leon FR

    Hi Guys, I am on the verge of buying the diesel version of this car and wondered what the general opinion of it was. I have found an 08 model with 15,000 miles up for £12,995 with leather seats in red. It is stunning looking and I really can't wait to get it. Is there anything I should be...
  8. ibiza mk4 2008 fr tdi, bushes and front arb

    after a price on an eibach front arb, front wishbone front bushes, front wishbone rear bushes and rear bushes, car is an 2008 ibiza fr tdi. an can i confirm you will try to match other prices. can you PM me as soon as possible. cheers liam
  9. I need help in finding a remap for my 2008 ibiza

    Hello. Im new on here and new to seat. i basically have just bought a new ibiza 5 door its a 16v 1.4 sport and im really eager on making it alot faster. and sportier looking. has anybody got any ideas that could help me please? thank you
  10. FR 2008 57 reg. Gear change issues..

    Hi guys! I have a feb 2008 model Ibiza 1.9FR. Bought only 6 weeks ago and already have an issue. I noticed a slight burning smell in heavy traffic and 1st and 2nd gear were very very sticky/notchy to engage. Was not riding the clutch or anything, stopped, neutraled up at lights etc.. Once i...
  11. jamesmacc

    2008 ibiza avus wheels??

    abybody ever heard of these wheels,thinking of getting them as i havent seen a set like them before <think they suit a platinum grey fr ibiza
  12. 2008 Mk4 Ibiza - Induction Kit

    Hey Guys, I am new to the forum and just bought myself a 2008 Mk4 Ibiza 1.4 16v. I am interesting in purchasing an induction kit for my car however I am not 100% sure on what to buy. I am willing to spend £100 MAX on the kit and have been looking at the PK198 pipercross induction kit. (I...

    Audi s3 3dr brake caliper 2008 complete

    Will this fit a Seat Leon 1.9 tdi FR as a big brake

    2008 seat fr tdi. What do you think?

    Looks like a fantastic bargain. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2008-SEAT-LEON-2-0-16V-TDI-FR-5dr-Diesel-Hatchback_W0QQitemZ150316250871QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAutomobiles_UK?hash=item150316250871&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2%7C65%3A7%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318
  15. Should I buy a new 2008 Ibiza?

    Dont have a seat Ibiza yet but been looking at second hand ones recently. Anyway, a guy at work last night told me that a local garage is having a massive sale. I think he said he reserved a Citreon C2/4 rally spec cant remember which are usually 17k for 9k. Think he said there was a white Leon...
  16. warren_cox

    Second time lucky for Hamilton? Yr 2008 brief review

    So with 1.5 hours to go until the climax of the F1 2008 season gets underway, we Brits find ourselves back in the hot seat waiting to see if Hamilton can make it round 70 odd laps and bring home the Formula 1 championship to old Blighty in what has been a year which has been as much a political...
  17. MUFFIN

    Phnates - Candy White K1 - Born 11th June 2008

    Well here's my baby, collected today from Irfan at M1 Autos in London and drove back to Lancashire - First impressions, truly awesome!![B)] Performance is astonishing Irfan was the best salesman I've ever dealt with, very thorough! Buy from him or lose £oads! Well satisfied...
  18. Vag Com Code - Coil Light Flashing FR TDI 170 2008

    i have just recently seen the Coil light flashing when turning on the car Intermittently. Goes in to limp mode and comes up Fuel Management. scanned with vag com and comes back with: Sunday, 04 May 2008, 13:30:41 VAG-COM Version: Release 409.1-S Control Module Part Number...
  19. RobT

    Pastywagon Sprint Dates 2008 - NEW 2009 prep

    Hi Oh yes, its getting to that time again, the weathers getting warmer and the motorsport season beckons. 2007 was a good year, numerous pots collected and a overall class win the competitive Liverpool and Chester MC Speed Champs. Think I came 7th overall in the end and may have been on for...
  20. elDuke

    2008 JE Design Seat Leon 1P Wide Body(pics&info)

    HERE IS THE ARTICLE JE DESIGN well-known as a SEAT tuning specialist, is now presenting the highlight of its Leon suite - a wide body with wing doors. JE DESIGN also gives the new turbo-charged petrol engine an extra boost. The direct injection TFSI engine, which VW has recently started to...
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