2013 Exeo Xenon ccm

Apr 5, 2021
Good afternoon folks. I have a 2013 Seat Exeo St Sport Tech. The car has Xenon headlights but the previous owner must have had some electronic gremlins. The car has loads of errors for lights being out. I’ve established the incorrect comfort control module has been fitted, the one fitted seems to come from a B7 Audi A4 without xenon headlights, I’ve tried a software update but the module won’t take the program. I’ve been advised the module I require has the part number 3R0907279z10. Can’t find a used one and a new one is £415
Is vat from TPS, has anyone had any experience sourcing/ fitting an alternative numbered module, or does anyone have a part number for the module in a similar Exeo with Xenon and drl’s I’ve another Exeo same year with Halogen Headlights and still unable to get that module to accept the coding/ programming for Xenons. Any advice is appreciated
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