240BHP Cupra Rally Edition - Must be Bo11ox!?!


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May 31, 2006


modifications ..

engine rebuild 10k ago (by seat sport germany )

kent cams (uplift)

port and polished

spitfire plugs and leads

samco hoses

carbon fibre induction kit (new) not shown on photo's

omp strut brace

drilled and drooved disks

magnex full stainless steal system

uprated suspention (rally spec)

momo gear knob

momo hand brake

momo mats

tinted windows

the cupra decals are original and manufactured fitted (this is a real rally cupra)

:ban: Is this guy joking? 240 bhp?? WTF? anyone ever heard of such a claim before?


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May 19, 2001
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lol, not on std induction it won't run 240bhp (by a long way)

he's a) got the numbers wrong to start with b) 'added' up mods


Look up a peugeot 306 maxi. this is just the seat equivalent to that, right?
not the 306 rallyee, the MAXI. go have a look.


Trying to Resist ARBs
May 31, 2006
Jesus sorry guys, i didnt see the MOMO accessories and the tinted windows, not to mention the 'genuine Seat' stickers.... cant help but think that a racing stripe could nudge it past 250bhp...

RobT - any thought on stickers, i have some stuck behind my door cards so that i only benefit from the 'performance' and not the 'look at me i am a twat' features stickers bring LOL


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Nov 30, 2001
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had PM exchanges with the chaps brother in law I think on CGTI - he says its 204 atw and is extrapolating to 240 atf - I have told him I dont think the figs are accurate, be VERY suprised if a motor, in a road car, with std plenum makes 240hp - I suspect more like 200hp atf if he's lucky but thats just my opinion

you may be able to get 240hp out of a car with std plenum if it was on daft fuel, very high compression, mad cams that would not idle and with lifed components, that was built by one of the best builders in the buisness, but this one doesn't sound like that to me given its fitted to a road car thats done lots (>10K) of miles on it
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