1. Jimski

    Jimski's New W.I.P - Ibiza FR TDi - Bumblebee Edition - ** Milltek Update - 21/03**

    Well, The time has come, the Leon has been part exchanged, i will be so sad to see it go! After much debate, research, digging around and plugging in numbers. Here she is! Mk4 Ibiza TDi FR, 55k miles, 56 plate, full service history. I pick her up on tues/wed, already bought a PD160...
  2. amnesia

    Leon FR/Cupra or Golf GTI Edition 30.

    If you could swap a Leon FR/Cupra ( Petrol FR ) for a Golf GTI Edition 30 and you didn't have to pay any extra, what would you do? I mean, how would you weigh up the conclusion. Same mileage and year, as well. I know the Leon comes with more as standard, but yeah, you know. Just a quick...
  3. Seat cordoba rpm limited edition

    hi , we are new to seatcupra.net. need some information if anyone knows. we have just bought a seat cordoba.we have been told it is a rpm edition. it is kiwi yellow and red.it is based on a sx model , so it has a 2.0 16 valve engine.it has registration...
  4. best way/place to sell an Altea?

    Hi chaps. Currently on my 2nd Altea, but I fancy a change and have ordered a Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi (I know). Hoping to collect at end of September. Looked on Autotrader and there aren't many Altea's - especially private sales. Anyone had any previous joy selling an Altea privately ? I've sold...
  5. edition 38

    I know there is an ED38 thread just wondered if any of the MK4 peeps are coming to northampton this year? Should be a right laugh. I'm going up from gloucester/cheltenham, probably with a load of old skool vag's. Any of the South West peeps coming?
  6. robo999

    Special Edition Cupra R?????

    have just been lookin through piston heads and someone is selling a special edition cupra r?? anyone ever heard of these?? apprently there were only a handfull ever made?? heres the address.... http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/1111903.htm mainly just out of intrest..
  7. Ibiza Last Edition II

    Ive been a member here for a little while now but so far I've been more of a 'reader' :D But since I finally made it to 15 posts, I can post some pictures. It's a 1.6 16v "Last Edition II" with 105 hp. It's got original Seat Sport 16" wheels by Speedline Corse. It also has the same sporty...
  8. DAB Ibiza Edition Problems

    Hi All, My GF has a 56 plate DAB Edition Ibiza which she purchased second hand from a main dealer in December. She has been having issues with the "standard" fit Nashville DAB35 radio which although minor are a little bit irritating for her. First issue is that if she sets the clock on...
  9. clutch problem 140 Special edition

    The clutch on my 07 S.Ed has just started playing up, just had the 40K service ouch:censored:. Went from reverse to 1st and felt /heard knocking & vibration through clutch pedal, this only stopped when i changed gear. Today happened again, but now more repeatable, feels like it might be release...
  10. edmong

    Golf Edition 30, what do you think?

    Been thinking about chopping in my LCR and starting again with the Golf. Anybody got any info on it? It looks pretty good and its cheaper than the K1! Dont really want to step away from SEAT but....
  11. What was the special edition cupra r with stickers on it?

    As above, seen a few about lately with a checkered flag sticker from front door to boot on both sides and cupra in red writing. Any help appreciated.
  12. LeonFRMK1

    Edition 30 parking brake boot

    got a question, does the edition 30 parking brake boot fit the Leon Cupra MK2 plug & play??? or does it need some triming? thanks!
  13. Starter Motor For A 1.4 Ibiza DAB Special Edition

    Got the car YESTERDAY, starter gone today. How much would it cost for a new one? Anyone recommend somewhere in Glasgow to go?
  14. Bondiblu

    Seat Ibiza Black Special edition

    Looks quite nice with all the extra's and only 150 being made. Is anyone planning on getting one?
  15. edition 30 wheels on fr

    been offered some refurbed like new bbs 19,s today there off an edition 30.£900 is that about right anyone? also because iv got 17s on at the moment will it make my car slower than it is now as i presume thell be heavier? look the bollox though. cheers once again :)
  16. Copa Edition part numbers

    Hi there everyone. Does anyone know these parts part numbers Gloss black speaker surrond and door trim
  17. Rob GTI

    Edition 30 Milltek Catback on FR / Cupra

    Has anyone fitted one of these to an FR. The part does fit as the E30 part fits to the Standard GTI and the standard GTI part is the same the Leon FR one. Milltek have confirmed this. My main query is the aesthetics, does anyone have a photo; Here is the exhaust on an E30...
  18. noktoto

    Limited edition Seat Leon ‘Copa’

    Have you seen this: http://www.motorauthority.com/news/hatchbacks/limited-edition-seat-leon-copa/#more-5436 But I think it should have LSD.
  19. Empi5

    Rubbish Boys - Original Edition

    1st time ive used this, and 1st impression are very good. A nice aroma to the Wax, almost lemon like. Applied by using the palm of your hand, which is quite a refreshing change. You really get to know all of your car. The wax goes on fairly easily, and spreads quite thinly. You dont...
  20. Vag Com v409 Trial Edition

    Story so far... Car went to garage, garage said that HT leads needed changing, i said ok. Garage phoned, said it wasnt HT leads it was an Engine Transponder, i said ok. They changed it and everything was fine. They did say HT leads could do with changing at some point. Driving around...
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